Official US prices and preorders for the new Zeiss lenses!


Thanks to our reader Sean we have the links to the first Zeiss lens US preorders:

The 12mm f/2.8 lens can be preordered for $1,250 at Uniquephoto (Click here).
The 32mm f/1.8 lens can be preordered for $900 at Uniquephoto (Click here).


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  • Junior Santana

    Sigma to enter this market with its new line art, goodbye Zeiss … my two cents

  • Adam

    Those are better prices than I expected, especially for the 32mm. If I remember, the Zeiss 24/1.8 for Sony NEX debuted at $1200. Still, I’m very happy with my Fuji 35/1.4. This would have to test reeeealy well to tempt me.

  • http://fb.me/akzphoto Andy

    I’ll be waiting for lensrentals to get a copy to run it through it’s paces… I really doubt it will tempt me away from the 35/1.4 though… =D

    • peter

      I bet that photozone will post a review much earlier as there hasn’t been Fuji tests from lensrentals before and one of the editors of photozone is a fan of Fuji system.

      • http://fb.me/akzphoto Andy

        Oh, it’s quite possible, but I can’t rent from photozone 😉 I mean, I do love the reviews and whatnot that they (lensrentals) post that roger does, but to me, it’s more about the ability of me to rent from them and play with the lens myself. Also, photozone is pretty much my go to lens review site. You have excellent taste Peter! :)

        • peter

          Oh, you meant renting. I’ve misunderstood you. It’s definitely better to try this little beasts out yourselves than read a review. 😉

  • Sean

    I know these lenses will be available to rent at Unique Photo as soon as they ship which is supposed to be next month