luminous landscape X100S review: “Fallin’ in Love all Over Again” + XF 55-200 pre-production feedback

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image courtesy: luminous landscape

1) Luminous landscape tested the X100S (specs&price). The reviewer says among the others that although the AF is still not as fast as the OM-D E-M5, it’s fast enough for “pretty much any application this camera will be put to“. The really great thing is that the AF sees in the dark: “Walking the streets of NYC at night, I was able to focus readily on passersby, in conditions that would have been a real challenge with the best rangefinder.  You will run out hand-steadying ability four or five stops before you run out of AF.  This is truly impressive. [...] It’s a DSLR  killer for a lot of serious shooters (like Zack Arias whose review is linked here)“.

“A truly modern camera focuses quickly, accurately, often with little light, and at the spot in the frame where the photographer wants it to. The X100S does that. Case closed. [...] The best thing that could happen on the next-gen Fuji is a serious simplification of controls. AND, spending another $25 a camera on buttons.  Nice buttons. Expensive, metal-feeling buttons.  That  small step would take the Fuji to a real “premium” level. [...] It’s a real photographers’ camera.”

Check out this nice review here.

2) laroquephoto has the opportunity to test the XF 55-200. As it’s still a pre-production model, Fuji doesn’t allow anyone to post full size sample images (there are still improvements that will be made).

“The contrast, sharpness and highlight rendition is right up there with the 35mm f/1.4. My initial feeling is that it even surpasses it. The OIS feels like a Steady-Cam; Manual focussing follows in the footsteps of the 14mm and 18–55mm and keeps me eating my own words about fly by wire. And when mounted on my X-Pro1 the entire kit feels like it’s at least half the weight of my old Nikon 70–200 2.8 on its own.”

Read it all and see the sample pics here.

Preoder the 55-200: BHphoto / Adorama / AmazonUS / DigitalRev / PCHstore Brussel
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image courtesy: laroquephoto

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  • TimoB

    IMHO, at this point in time the X100s is the world’s best digital camera ever made, PERIOD!

    • http://vam.nu vam

      I wanted to argue about that but… I just can’t. It really is.

      • calxn

        What about the RX1? Better lens, better sensor, better raw processing, better DOF.

    • Janken

      You mean your favorite digital camera ever made PERIOD.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/lifeispixels/ lifeispixels

    Will definitely get that 55-200!!! Its MTF graphs alone are too perfect to be true! I can’t wait til it’s available.

  • klehmann

    WOW – thats really some hardcore absolutism going on there;o) and also some perhaps+hopefully intended self-contradictory word mumbo-jumbo too: ‘this point in time’ + ‘ever’ – hahaha – hillarious.

    • klehmann

      This one was for You TimoB.

      • TimoB

        i feel sad ;-(

    • TimoB

      hillarious = hilarious

      • klehmann

        touché ;o))

  • http://imgg.me petr

    I find the bokeh on 55-200 quite distracting :( not sure there’s any way to improve that with the aperture range they have though… hopefuly constant 2.8 version (something like 70-200/2.8) will come eventually

  • c.d.embrey

    Luminous Landscape said: “But it has one problem that no firmware update can fix. It’s fucking silver. Shiny, plastic silver. Why, dear God, why?”

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. Fuji and Olympus seem to be obsessed with Silver/Chrome, I’m NOT.

    • Rumpelstiltskin

      I hated the silver paint.
      BBQ Spray paint.
      Pick a slew of colors but I suggest black.

      • Citi

        you did it? let us see……

        really I don’t like silver also, but maybe I prefer David Hobby’s solution
        but I hope Fuji really still listen to their customer

    • MJr

      ‘plastic sliver’ and chrome/metal are very different. The X100S is very far from the plastic kind.

  • James

    I’m getting an X-E1 soon!!! SOOOO excited. Considered the x100s but didn’t really like the 23mm (35mm) focal length.