Lost In Comparison: X-E1 vs ?… imaging resource comparometer


image courtesy: imaging-resource

The first test shots of imaging-resource taken with the X-E1 and the X-F1 are now visible here (X-E1 sample images –  X-F1 sample images). As you may know, imaging resource offers the “comparometer”. Just choose two cameras and compare the sample images. I passed some time yesterday comparing the Sony NEX-7, Olympus OM-D E-M5, and many more with the X-E1… I got lost in comparison! So, if you want, try out the comparison tool at imaging-resource and have fun.


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  • http://khoral.blogspot.com Khoral

    That comparison tool is totally addictive.

  • Etienne

    Yes, addictive indeed! Just before visiting Fujirumors.com, I always look at Sonyalpharumors.com… I kept the habbit since I used to shoot with Sony DSLR. Today’s headline is: “Sony RX1 RAW ISO test. Impressive!!!” That statement made me curious about how my little x-pro1 would compare to the latest full frame camera with the best sensor available. Now here I come to Fujirumors.com and discover the imaging ressource comparometer :). Wow, I am very impressed with my Fuji. From what I can see, the images that the x-pro1 produce is more film like; less digital and, noise wise, very impressive. At iso 6400, it’s has a little bit more noise but the details are kept in the image vs the Rx1 wich use a lot of noise reduction. I am always afraid of falling into fanboyism but… Fuji made one impressive camera even when you compare it with the best of the best!

  • Vladimir

    I look forward FUJI X-E1 FF !!!

    • Sky

      I look forward for X-PROFF, you know, one with optical viewfinder, as Fuji isn’t even in a point where Sony was while releasing it’s first SLT with EVF. They are way behind the competition… no need to bother though: just make a proper rangefinder with OVF and I’d gladly invest into Fuji system.

      Right now though – I don’t see a reason. Lens choice is pathetic, EVFs horrible, assists for manual focusing nearly non-existent, and barely any RAW processors actually support files from Fuji cameras making it even more difficult to justify investment. I’d love to get into the system, but first fuji needs to give me a reason. Full Frame camera with OVF would be good enough for me (as I could use M-mount lenses as they should be used and completely ignore Fuji glass).

  • GF1 FTW~

    Wow my 4 year old gf1 makes much sharper photos at iso 100 than this xe1. The 20 still rocking it. Awesome.

  • Jake

    I’m a little disappointed looking at the X-E1 reds compared to 5D2, but I’ll reserve judgement until I have my own image files. Just that many people say it compares to their 5D2, but from those examples I would not conclude that. Still I’m sure I’ll be happy because I’ve seen what it can do in the real world. From the images it is clear that image quality is well maintained at higher ISOs.

  • brad

    probably the 18-55mm @ 55mm is not that sharp.

  • stew

    I only had a small look at the x-e1 vs. the Nikon D3200 (yes, I know), and at 100% the Nikkor 60 2.8 micro they used is sharper than the Fuji zoom. This does of course beg the question of how many D3200 owners would actually stick on that lens. Under 1%, I reckon.

    With a zoom, you have to look at the complete package of usefulness. Mega sharpness when viewed at 100% is also not the be all and end all.