Improve Start Up time on your X-100

Here is a useful tip of brandonremler to improve the start up time of your X-100. The trick is to format the SD Card, and you’ll have a faster start up time on your X-100!

And here is another one that fell in love with his X-100! Read the reasons at fujifilm-x-opinion.net here and here. And for a X-100 in the snow of Chile click here.

  • Hieu

    This’s not a nice way to do. Format everytime you put the card in to your PC is not a wise way to overcome the low-start-up issue. I only format my card one. Then whenever I put my card in to my PC via card reader slot, card reader hub… I click a button on my card which turn it in to lock mode. My PC cannot write files in to my card so It doesnt slow my Fujifilm camera start up time. Remember to turn the card back to normal mode or the camera will notify that the card is protected.

    So, to sum up.
    1. Format your card 1 time.
    2. Remember to turn your card in to lock mode everytime you put it in your PC and remember to turn the card back to unlock mode.
    3. Dont turn on “Quick start mode” because of fast drain battery life

    Enjoy the quick startup without turn on “Quick start mode”.

    If you have plenty of spare batteries, feel free to turn on “Quick start mode” :D

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/ralphandjenny/ Ralph Daily

    I have always formatted the card when I put it in the camera. Any camera, any time, any brand. I don’t know why anyone would not do that. It’s pretty basic. Good reminder though.

  • http://shashinkaichiban1.wordpress.com shashinka

    In t he 18+ months I have had my X100, I have never had a wait time like this. However, I can’t imagine any photographer not performing format to card after a data transfer either.