Fuji’s double kit offer to come? (X-E1 + 18-55 + 55-200)


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Do you remember the crazy X-superkit deals here? You missed them? Don’t worry. I’ve the feeling that we could enjoy them again in future ;). This time the 2 lenses in offer should be the [shoplink 10279]XF 18-55mm[/shoplink] and XF 55-200mm. So, if you plan to switch to the Fuji X-series, this could be an interesting deal: buy both XF-zoom lenses and you’ll grab the X-E1 for a significantly reduced price.

I don’t know the price and when the zoom lenses kit deal will exactly be launched, but I’m looking forward to it. Lemme see if I can tell you more about it soon.



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  1. I will be purchasing a new camera for my trip to Europe soon, and originally I was just looking at getting an X-20 but now I’ve seen this, just how much will I expect to pay for this offer, and would it be significantly worth dishing out the extra dough?

    1. The X20 is smaller, very portable (and half the price). Those might be factors in your decision in choosing a camera; at least for your trip…

      Bon voyage :-).

      1. Yes, I suppose I will be paying ~$1500 when this deal comes, and the cheapest X-20 as of now is $469, expecting it to go down further through the year, or perhaps when the X-30 is released it will be worth it, or that supposedly new entry level X-series camera they are rumoured to be doing (but I just hope it isn’t riddled with nasty compromises). As I don’t leave until late November, I guess I have plenty of time to see what happens!

  2. Any idea of the timescales please? Days, weeks, months? Am Looking to purchase this month in UK and would be good to know if it will be possible?

    1. as I wrote in the post, I don’t know when it will be launched. The 55-200 should be shipped late May-beginning of June (according to other magazines). I don’t know if the superkit-deal will immediatly be available or if they plan to launch it later. If I can find out more, I’ll tell you.

      1. Thanks – sorry for the impatient post. I planning on X-E1 + 18-55mm lens and I’d like to buy this month so I can get used to it before using it properly in early June. As ever when buying tech it seems it’s best to hold on as long as possible before ‘pulling the trigger’ on a purchase.

        Still looking for a good bundle deal with warranty (and ideally JL not Currys) Still not sure about Jessops.

  3. THIS is very tempting! I’ve been shooting with Canon FF gear for years for international travel work. Seems like the gear gets heavier every year. Played around with the NEX-7 last year, and ended up selling it. Its higher ISO’s leave much to be desired. Am seriously considering the XE-1, and this bundle deal will probably make me pull the trigger.

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