It will come! Trusted sources confirm launch of Fuji entry level interchangeable lens camera


Now we know: it will come! According to trusted sources, Fuji is about to launch an entry level interchangeable lens camera this summer. It should be smaller than the X-E1 with less control buttons or dials… and no viewfinder. I’m working to find out more. Is there someone out there that could make my work easier? I’m all ears ;)

A new source told me here that the price (body+lens) should be of $550 and launched in July (not confirmed until now from trusted sources).

That’s all for now

P.S.: You’re not interested in entry level cameras? Then check out this new X-PRO1 body for $ 1,049 at ebayUS here (4 available).

P.P.S.: The X100S is now in stock on AmazonUS (via third party reseller) for normal price here (only 2 left!).

 photo ama_zps28f66fca.png

  • tommy

    this summer is mena June ~ July or September ~October XD

    • patrick

      A new source said July, but I’m working to confirm it.

  • Mike H.

    How could it be $550 with a lens? The cheapest lens now is $599? Maybe an inexpensive pancake lens comes out with a $199 price point but if they are targeting an entry level market they are going to need an entry level kit zoom lens like an 18-55. I own the current 18-55 2.8-4 Lens and aside from the weight, I love it on my X-E1 but I dont see this lens being a kit freebie with an entry level body.

    • Adam

      I was wondering the same thing. Has pricing been announced for the 27mm pancake? Maybe it’s going to be a “value” lens?

      • Mike H.

        Im waiting for that “value” lens to come out. Also waiting on Sigma/Tamron to jump on the wagon with some more affordable primes.

    • Renato S.

      I think it’s not necessarily aimed at the entry-level market, but maybe a cheaper 2nd camera for those that already own a X-camera. But of course, if people wanting to step up from P&S or enthusiast photography want a X-camera, this can be their camera but I don’t think that Fuji will necessarily launch a cheaper 18-55 zoom. So this cheaper camera + pancake makes sense.

      • ph

        I would love such a camera + the 27mm pancake as a companion to the X-Pro1. Make it as small as possible. About the size of an Olympus E-PM2, but with the Fujifilm looks. How about that!

    • tim

      I could imagine 550 for the body, but a lens as well … doubt it. Take a look at the price of the XF1 or the X20, both around 4-500 mark. And both with a smaller sensor.

  • c.d.embrey

    A lower priced camera doesn’t interest me. What WOULD make me buy a Fuji X-E1 would be an Auto Focus 90mm lens. 90mm = 135mm Full Frame, a lens Leica makes (Leica 90mm f/2.5 Summarit-M and Leica Telephoto 90mm f/2.0 APO Summicron M) . I’m NOT INTERESTED in NON-Auto Focus legacy lenses!

    • GH

      I’m sure Fuji will eventually make a 135mm equiv. lens, but I can understand why it would be lower on the list. 135mm isn’t exactly popular on the M system, because it can be so difficult to focus. Most M users tend to top out at 90mm, which the upcoming Fuji 56/1.2 will cover, more or less.

      • c.d.embrey

        A Fuji X-E-1 isn’t a manual focus Leica Rengefinder. It is an Auto Focus camera that will have NO problem focusing an Auto Focus 90mm (=135 FF) lens. If lenses longer than 56mm were a problem Fuji would not have announced the up-coming 55-200mm Telephoto zoom F3.5-F4.8 OIS 8-)

  • ibiketo

    Wow, something wrong here. Considering price points of X-Pro1 and X-E1 I think $550 will be body only (like even oly-pana churn out no-frills cameras at this price point – at least at launch).

    If they throw in an entry level lens that would be wonderful.

    Although most imp thing everyone will be looking out for is whether it will have focusing speed similar to X100S. In which case i cannot wait to put my order :)

  • IMO not so good idea, competing on price is proven to be bad direction, and what Fuji had with X system so far was exact oposite – offering premium experience/quality for appropriate price.

    It allowed them to be able to use good materials & build (metal bodies, excellent glass), R&D unique features (x-trans, hybrid viewfinders) and then these attributes allowed for higher prices (and profit margin).

    If they get into budget area, they’ll have to lower the quality of the components, make cheaper/worse lenses, strip out some features… all with undoubtedly lower profit margins, and most importantly lowering the impression of the x-system brand :( – to what benefit? I seriously doubt $350 body (assuming the lens will be around $200) will move lots of additional lens purchases, nor will it bring much upgrade money…

    I’d say that upgrading x-pro1 to x-pro1s, doing exactly what they did for x100->x100s would make way more sense both for sales and brand recognition

    i’m not saying i can’t be wrong ;)

    • Agree 100%. But Fuji have cheaped out for years with crappy point and shoots and crossover cameras that appeal only to the wallet. The X is their first nice digital camera and its time is up. Here comes the ‘throw it at the wall and hope it sticks’ method.

      Here comes the crappening of the X name.

      • tim

        How many X camera’s are there so far? I make it 7. So they threw, it stuck ;-)

        This is Fuji. Invest in a platform, early adopters first (XP1), then the meat of the market (E1) and now take on the “lower high” end market. Push that tech into the parallel model lineup (100s, x20 … and others).

        One development cost, the XP1 X-trans, has gone into 4 cameras so far. Very good margins. To suggest Fuji should not offer its technology to the less exclusive market is selfish arrogance. Read the history of BMW and the 1 series, this low end car probably did more for BMW high end sales than any other initiative – it made the dream of owning a BMW possible for a lot of people who went on to buy a second or a third.

        • yeah, i’m all for reusing the components, even in lower priced and parallel segments (make XF2 with xtrans, x100s with different focal lenghts, even make something like x20 without zoom… ) – but that’s IMO what XE1 was to x-mount segment… how much can you imagine striped out of XE1 without compromising on quality?

          My point was that they already have cheaper, smaller body for x-mount lenses, to get it even cheaper, they’ll have to start doing bad things (cheap materials, lack features, artifically cripple functionality to make segment on its own)…

          for this cheaper body to make sense, they’ll need to have lenses half the price they have now, and those won’t be Zeiss killers, that’s for sure.. which will hurt the brand perception.

          bmw 1 series might have helped BMW, but last time i checked, it was nowhere near low prices & quality of brands competing on price (so again, i believe XE-1 did what 1 series did, and if they made XE-1s, it would help more than having X-entrylevel introduced)

        • Anon

          The BMW 1 is the ONLY BMW I would buy (and I did). The other models are bloated hogs.

  • Ragnarok

    Meh… Fujifilm has seen some success thanks to: the design, the lots of controls, the viewfinders and the lenses. Now they are going to get rid of all this but the lenses? Sounds like trying to milk the cow too much…

  • TwoMetreBill

    So instead of fixing their Pro and E1 models, they are going to add a low profit margin bottom feeder body. They are already losing money in the photo division and it is only pride that keeps it from being shut down entirely. Do they really think that buyers of an even worse body are going to buy buckets of $600-800 lenses? Nope, they (in volume) will stick with the kit lens which comes with the body as Nikon and Canon have discovered. So sad.

    • Saviour

      So true…

      Instead of listening to what their actual buyers said, ie fix what is wrong with the existing models they go and waste energy on a cheapie body. Btw, the 599 will be body only, no other way when x20 costs nearly the same. In the meantime, the xpro1 and xe1 are obsolete (within their lineup) with updated tech waiting around the corner, and they will be wondering why they don’t sell.

      I was about to buy the xe1 just before the x100s announcement and after seeing its specs and not seeing a firmware update to include peaking etc I got a nex6. Not to say I’m sticking with it, but I’m not gonna wait for Fuji either. Sadly, that is how it works.

    • cgw

      Fuji is a very diversified company whose camera division doesn’t bulk very large on its balance sheet. The only embarrassment there is the compact segment which, like all other makers’, is suffering from the “good enough” verdict of smart phone users who reject p&s models.Compared to other makers, Fuji is very much alive to its customers, far more so than, say, Nikon, who turned a deaf ear to widespread complaints about cruddy sensors on the D600. Sites like this hook traffic with headlines, not substance, so if fan boy blather is your idea of fun, talk all you like about dual processor X-Pro 2s and 24mp X-E1s and Fuji’s reputed “indifference” to imaginary problems and hearsay reports of unsubstantiated defects.

      • Saviour

        Fuji’s “imaginary” issues and the non implementation of crucial technologies in their otherwise fine machines is reflecting quite a lot on their balance sheets. You may take any “moral” “serious” & “objective” blather to Fuji’s accountants and see if they can make money out of it.

        • cgw

          Flat markets outside N. America are a far bigger worry. Any fixable technical glitches pale next to slack global demand as far as sales go.

  • Bo

    Wow, $599 would be the same price as X20? Really?

  • cgw

    And then you woke up…This really diminishes what remains of this site’s credibility. Apart from the usual “trusted sources” malarkey, what could a low-end MILC possibly do for Fuji after carefully building a market for the X mount cameras? Compete with the low-end Sony NEX models? Anyone after a finder-less MILC can just visit their local BestBuy. Can’t wait for that el cheapo X-Trans camera!

    • patrick

      looking forward to the moment when the entry level hits the market and I can say “I told you.” ;)

      • cgw

        Only if it comes in at your price point with a Fujinon lens compatible with and comparable to the current line-up. Oh, and don’t forget the APS-C X-Trans sensor, too. Otherwise, you’re just outgassing. Remember how you muffed this cheapie compact stuff recently? I do.

        • patrick

          “you muffed this cheapie compact stuff”? please read the rumors again. You’ll see that photorumors and me were just reporting a digicame-info rumor. You should distinguish what I say from what others say (and I report on my site). But, I write rumors, not news. So I can of course be wrong… I can’t always be right as with the X100S, the X20, Zeiss, 55-200 launch, updated lens roadmap, Lightroom X-Trans support, cooperation Fuji-Adobe (some rumors of the last 6 months… “trusted sources” malarkey ;)). So what I know from trusted sources is that an interchangeable lens camera will come, it will be smaller and cheaper than the X-E1 and it won’t have a viewfinder. Why shouldn’t I trust sources that were always right? The price of $550 comes from a new source. Can’t tell you if it is reliable or not. Time will say.

          • cgw

            You’re still my “go-to” guy for infotainment, bro!

          • patrick

            seems that you checked the rumor section and you changed opinion about my trusted sources?… thats Fine. keep following FR and I hope to mantain my high percentage of rumors that turned out to be true. But as I told you, rumors are rumors, they can be wrong, especially when told me by a new or anonymous source. I specify the source (trusted, new, anonymous… or sources from other websites) in the rumor-post, so read carefully. cheers buddy

  • svx94

    Such an idea makes commercial sense, so Fuji can compete with lower segment. I am looking forward to a better, less buggy X-E2, but until then, the X-E1 works fine.

    • MJr

      It’s quite depressing that they show us everything that can be improved with the X-E1 and X-Pro1 by releasing the X100S with all its upgrades. And so quickly after the X-E1 release. Now we have to wait and wait and wait, it’d be better if we didn’t know. :(

  • Tailwagger

    While there’s a near symmetry to the pricing, $1399 evf/ovf, $999 evf, $550 novf, its does indeed seem odd to offer a new X body in this price range. But nothing said here so far guarantees this is an APS-C/XTrans sensor and in fact more than half of the current X cam offerings aren’t. As long as we’re speculating, the one thing that might make sense and break interesting new ground is for them to leverage the existing 12 MP EXR sensor to build a no vf, X mount version of the X100. That sensor has a strong following and might provide a sort of X version of the Pen Mini/E-PL5. Given the XF lens investment, I could see owning something like that. But whether its an XTrans variant or not, with one of the pancakes, we might have a truly pocketable X, which could certainly have some appeal… It might be time to start lobbying for a 23mm F2.8 pancake.

    Regardless, thanks for the reporting Patrick. When I owned Canon, I never gave a fig about what they were up to next, their core system was fully formed years ago. With the X system its turning out that half the fun (and angst) is figuring out how to round out a fully working setup. Time will tell as to this rumors veracity, but in the meantime its certainly entertaining to speculate on these things.

  • Jeff

    I am looking forward to the entry level X mount camera. I assume it will have the same sensor as the new 100S. If it is a smaller body than the XE-1 due to no viewfinder I am considering jumping onto the mirrorless bandwagon and have come down to Fuji x-mount and Olympus M4/3. I really like all the direct controls on Fuji’s X cameras, the relatively solid construction, and the quality lens. Olympus has a nice camera in the EM5 and looks the new EP5 will be nice too, additional they have some very good lens, 45mm and 75mm and Panasonic has some of the other focal lengths covered. I just cannot get my head around the issue of whether M4/3 has a long-term future given the financial issues of both M4/3 companies. I sit telling that Zeiss has chosen to forgo offering M4/3 lenses, or is just Panny’s Leica relationship that got in the way? Anyhow, I am really looking forward to what the X-mount camera may offer. It could be the decider for me.

    • MJr

      The problem with the E-M5 is that the controls are awkwardly placed, too small and fiddly. Not intuitive at all, not for the purist who want minimalist controls. The biggest point about the X system imho is to get rid of the PASM dial. If they lose the direct manual controls, it’d be such a waste.

      I can see myself using a X-E1 without EVF though when fitted with the 14mm, and a Voigtlander 21mm OVF on the hot-shoe for example. But it’d have to keep the direct controls. So that i can use it exactly like i do my Bessa L with 15mm. :)

    • Oasis

      I’m in the same boat as you Jeff, it’s m43 or Fuji for me.

      I chose to buy a used, cheap m43 equipment as a stop gap whilst waiting for Fuji’s offering. If it’s compelling, I’ll probably invest in Fuji lenses. If this XM-1 is still too big for my needs, I’ll upgrade the m43 or maybe get an x100s which appeals me too.

      Btw, Zeiss isn’t getting in the m43 system but Schneider will. They’ll release a similar set of lenses at an even more expensive price…

  • I really hope they don’t cheap out on the 27mm pancake. I desperately want this to be as good as the first 3 XF primes, as I am wanting it and my X-E1 to take the place of my Leica CL with 40mm Summicron. To me, a 40mm is the cornerstone of how I see the world and want to record it. It’s the most important focal length in my practice, so I want a GOOD one. That said, I was at a photo conference last week and a rep in the Fujifilm booth told me the 27mm would be priced similarly to the first 3 primes, and would be similar quality. That tells me that it is not the lens for an new low-price X camera. I sure hope so.

  • Malte

    Why in the fuck did i buy the x20?

    • ThomasT^

      He didn’t read an expert’s advice of somebody who designed the color sensors for digital and is a photo pro. aka Ken Rockwell.

  • Brian

    Is the eBay resource you mention at the tail end of this post reputable? On the verge of an x pro purchase and looking for the best deal but also a trustworthy source –


    • patrick

      I’ve never purchased something at this ebay store. But in the last 12 months he has 199 feedbacks, and only 2 of them were negative, 1 neutral, and 196 positiv. 98,8% positive feedback. well, you should decide if this is good enough… the price is hot ;)

    • cgw

      I’m guessing it’s a gray market item. If so, you need to check with your Fuji.wherever office and ask about warranty coverage on items purchased from non-authorized dealers. If they won’t cover it, then gray stuff can be a false economy. Who’s going to service it? If they’re like Nikon on gray market gear, you’re screwed. Caveat emptor.

  • Anonymous

    What is wrong with some of you people? I sure am glad none of you work for Fujifilm, otherwise they would quickly go out of business. I’m glad Fuji will bring out a model to compete alongside with Sony NEx-3n and Panasonic GF6 etc. It will bring in a truck load of new customers and introduce them to the x-mount. Imagine a cheap tiny entry level mirrorless camera with touch screen and with the Fujifilm ‘retro’ look. There’s nothing on the market right now like that (Okay, Samsung NX300 is very close, but aimed above entry level). This will only bring good things for the Fujifilm X-mount system.

    • cgw

      And how are Nikon’s CX MILCs doin’? Fuji knows where the bucks are, unlike Nikon which found out the hard way where they weren’t. If anything, Fuji will probably cut its overall camera selection by axing poor selling p&s models if the CIPA stats on camera category shipments and sales are to be believed.

  • ThomasT^

    And when will FUJI give us an interchangeable-lens camera that has the ability to take real color photos as does the X100S set at velvia and saturation 2/3? (Ken Rockwell). Till then I’ll just shoot velvia, and not upgrade every 6 months, nor waste time PP.

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