Fujifilm is On The Road: workshops in Germany, Austria, Netherlands and Italy


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Maybe it’s time for European FR-readers to go back to school! At least for those living in Germany, Austria, Netherlands and Italy! Fujifilm is on the road and is offering some interesting workshops in the next couple of months. Here they are:

Germany – Austria – Netherlands

The tour starts on September 20. Choose the date, the city and the workshop you’d like to participate (street, fashion, nature, night photography and much more), reserve your place and spend a couple of hours with professional photographers and the Fujifilm X-M1. The workshops costs €19,95, but you’ll receive your money back if you purchase a X-camera, save €35 on accessories, get an SD-card, a voucher and so on. Click here to know more about it (click on “teste mich” and then choose your city).


Fujifilm will also be present at the Castelnuovofotografia event on the 21 and 22 of September. You’ll meet two great photographers (Max Angeloni and Donato Chirulli) and have the opportunity to test all the X-series cameras and Fujinon lenses. The events are free and no reservation is required (but recommended). So, if you are in the area of Castel Nuovo di Porto (RM) on Saturday 21 September from 10:00 – 13:00 14.30 – 18:00 or Sunday 22 September 10.00 – 13.00 you could stop by the event! Read the whole program here at riflessifotografici. Let’s see if after Al Pacino in the last Fuji-tour (check this post here) the riflessifotografici-guys will be lucky enough to take photographs of another VIP!

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  • Any idea when there might be some courses in the uk?

    • no idea, sorry

  • yeah! Thank you. just booked the portrait course. :)

    • you’re welcome… enjoy your Fuji-day :)

      • thank you!
        I hope that it is not just a commercial show. 😉 Because it is soooo cheap!
        But i will bring my x100 and maybe they can give me some handy tips.

  • See that for Germany you can see oke, but I can’t found it for the Netherlands. Can you give me advice?

    regards, peter

  • Unfortunately I don´t find any dates for Austria (Österreich)
    Can somebody help me?

    • You have to click on “teste mich” and than choose the city at “Termine anzeigen”.. you’ll see Wien, Amsterdam ecc


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