Fuji X Speed Booster adapter works miracles?

You really gotta read the two Metabones Speed Booster reviews at EosHD (Click here) and Lensrentals (Click here). Both Andrew and Roger are extremely surprised by the terrific image quality they can get through this adapter! As you know this lens increases the speed of a Full frame lens by reducing the image circle projected on the APS-C sensor. At the same time the lens also gets wider. The first two adapters for the Fuji X mount will be sold in February. There will be a Leica R (lenses here on eBay) and an Alpa (lenses here one Bay) adapter.

Preorders on Metabones website. Save this search on Slidoo to get notified when it will be available on eBay too!

  • Imgurian

    I will buy this so hard.

  • Why no M

    I wonder why they made it Leica R to Fuji X. Could someone explain this to me.

    • matt jones

      The Leica M flange distance is 27mm the Leica R flange distance is 47mm. It is much easier to make the speed booster for the R with all that space available. It is as yet unknown if they can make a usable M adaptor.

  • http://www.lets-ride.de Rico Pfirstinger

    Since this adapter neither works with Contax G or Leica M lenses, there’s not much to imagine. ;)

    • tthorne

      I know. How awesome would this be if it worked with my voigtlander 12mm?

    • http://www.lets-ride.de Rico Pfirstinger

      I have just bought a nice Zeiss 180mmF2.8 lens with C/Y mount, which I intend to use with a standard adapter (270mmF2.8) and with the metabones adapter (180mmF2.0).

    • http://www.lets-ride.de Rico Pfirstinger

      Of course, the DOF of these combos will be like 250mmF4 and 180mmF2.8, but that perfectly okay for telephoto purposes, where you are usually happy about added DOF in order to get your main subject fully in focus. I will actually use this lens for action shots on my X-Pro1/X-E1 bodies. So to combine an effective aperture of F2.0 (f= ast shutter speed / low ISO = high IQ) with an effective DOF of F2.8 is an added bonus for me.

      • http://www.lets-ride.de Rico Pfirstinger

        That is 270mmF4 of course, not 250mm.

    • admin

      Right, I removed that part now :)

  • JT

    Wonder why they’re not making a Canon version for the X mount.

    Would be awesome if you could control focus and aperture on a canon lens like the NEX version can.

    • Gaffman

      They didn’t make a standard adapter EF to Fuji so it’s probably more to do with figuring out the Fuji electronic pins and how the canon iris could be controlled via the camera.

      If they do release an EF to Fuji X speed booster I will be pissed because I sold all my canon glass in the last 3 months upon switching to Fuji because it couldn’t be adapted well. So yeah… Don’t do it metabones

      • Adrian

        I’m in the process of selling my canon glass – nothing too impressive, a few primes and zooms – but I can’t imagine I’ll ever want to add a L zoom to my x-pro 1 and the fuji primes are awesome for my needs. The focus is not really suited for action and one of the main reasons I changed from canon to fuji was the small size of both the fuji bodies.

        What I am looking into is buying some manual focus canon glass – the FD 85mm 1.2 looks awesome – and use it with the Speed Booster :).

  • http://www.francoisarnould.com Francois

    How about a X-mount to X-mount adaptor? If AF works properly (not much info about that yet), I’d love to be able to use the Fuji 35mm and actually get 35mm, except with f/1 or something like that!

    • klehmann

      hahaha – great fun! What a wonderfull ‘off’ idea;o) thanks man, You really made my day…

    • Ringo

      +1 but i think the adapter needs a fullframe lens to be able to work?

    • Brad

      That would not work. The speed booster reduces the original len’s image circle so a DX lens and speed booster will vignette on the DX size sensor.

      As the Fuji 35 has a DX size image circle, it would vignette. It would be theoretically possible though, to use a Fuji 35 on a m43 camera

      • klehmann

        I think (hope? now Im suddenly in doubt??….) Francois was pulling Your legs here, guys…

    • http://www.lets-ride.de Rico Pfirstinger

      Why not stack 3 adapters together? That would result in a gain of 3 EV or f-stops! :)

      • klehmann

        Stop it – Youre killin’ me Rico:o) – Aaaaah what a great day this turns out to be… Thanks;o))

      • Brad

        the adapters don’t stack unfortunately

      • klehmann

        I realize online-writing has its limitations regarding the transfer of facial expressions and in general a clear certainty of specific/subtle moods of the invovled – but hey, since this sub-thread here, org. started by Francois, is strangely evolving/continuing I really ‘need’ to know whether all implicated are in fact aware that both Rico and I was/are blatantly joking about the subject raised…. Hope You don’t mind me ‘pulling’ You into this one, Rico?

        Anyways, what’s really interesting to me is, based on the reviews of the ‘movie-folks’ at eoshd, that the adapter actually does indeed perform as promised (I mention this in relation to the semi-heated ‘argument’ started in a previous post) – mostly so for film less so for dedicated landscape-shooters or pixel-peepers where high corner-performance is critical) and is obviously also relative to the quiality of the optics mounted,,, ie a 50’cron-r on x-pro works very well to my eyes at least).

        Looking forward tryin’ it out for myself.

    • http://www.kemizz.com kemizz

      same question I have ! why not using a X to X ,
      if the lenses are not able to perform on full frame sensor , then this speed booster would be able to do the trick ! making the XE1 and the pro a damn good full frame camera !

  • Tom

    Any idea if there’ll be Nikon F to X? I got a few primes I could use….

    • klehmann

      I wrote them on the 16th of January whether there would be any M42 to XF and Contax C/Y to XF and the reply was kind of ‘strange’ as if they misunderstood my mail? I asked them one more time for confirmation but didn’t get a follow-up answer. However since they already have Leica-R and Alpa AND say more will follow it’s highly likely that Nikon as a ‘big player’ will be supported as well – dont You think? Offcourse Your guess is as good as mine. Here’s their reply word-for-word btw::

      Sorry all RF Len, Red, SLR body are impossible, because space is not enough
      Leica R is available now
      and other will coming

      • http://www.lets-ride.de Rico Pfirstinger

        Lucky you! At least you did get a reply!

        I emailed them about the adapter almost a week ago, since I’d be happy to cover it in my column and my next book(s).

        No reaction.

    • Gaffman

      Strangely a Nikon F to Fuji XF speed adapter was listed today in my store system for AU$529 but I hadn’t heard anything about it online. I put a back order in for one, no ETA but ill let you know when it shows.

  • MK

    The Speed Booster looks fantastic. But I have a query.

    All these adapters etc will require manual focusing. The X100S offers a look at how Fuji is answering the challenge of manual focusing with these cameras (with peaking and split-view, both in the EVF).

    But today’s interchangeable lens X cameras don’t have these manual focusing features, and probably won’t support them via firmware (or won’t support them *well*, which is crucial) since they have neither the processing power nor (IIRC) the number of sensors that the X100S has for its manual focusing mechanism.

    So in order to use the Speed Booster properly, we need to wait for an update to the XP1 or XE1 with focus peaking/split-view. That will presumably not be happening for quite a while, since the XE1 was only released in September.

    Thoughts? Am I off-base here?

    • Tom

      Hi MK,

      I believe the EF-to-NEX speed booster is AF capable (albeit not amazingly fast), so who knows if any-to-X speed booster would also be AF capable. The XILC can currently use the 3/10x magnification for MF (peaking is possible but I feel unlikely).

    • U

      Yes you are, I’m using my X-E1 only with legacy glass and it’s perfectly fine.

  • jon burtoft

    I would love to have a canon fd mount adapter, i have the 50 1.4, 85 1.8 and 135 2.8, the speed booster would be fantastic with these lenses.

    Another thing worth mentioning is that a lot of full frame lenses are large and heavy, the fd’s are relatively small and light and as such a perfect fit for the xpro1/ xe1, they are also cheap (this may change dramatically if an adapter is made available).

    I see one of the first adapters they will make is a leica r mount, nice lenses, but large and heavy and not really practical for the smaller bodies of mirrorless cameras. I t is however a great idea which seems to work well. Happy days in apsc land.

    Cheers Jon