Fuji releases a new firmware update for the XF18-55mm lens.

FujiFilm released a new firmware update (version 1.01) for the 18-55mm lens. The new firmware “will mitigate any high frequency noise from the optical image stabilization module which can very occasionally occur when the lens is used at extremely low temperatures.“.


  • Marty

    The noise from my 18-55 occurred when the lens used in normal temperature environments. The upgrade fixed it.

  • MrFlash

    Mine made the noise all the time. Especially in ‘shoot only’ mode. Silent now. Whew! I thought it was broken.

  • thomas

    In the other news, did any of you experience zoom creep at lower temperatures? It just happened to me yesterday while carrying the cam cross-body.

  • http://www.monochromatique.com Daniel

    And did you noticed any change in focus speed ? Or the OIS ?

    • Marty

      No, I don’t think so.

  • Fly Moon

    extremely low temperatures? That’s called Canada

    • Pebe

      and Finland

  • Vlad

    whew, i was worried i damaged mine.. was out taking photos here in Sweden at moderately cold weather(-5 c) when it started making those noises. was gonna mail Fuji about it, but it seems they are aware of it…

  • Ardi

    When you use manual fucusing mode in 1.00, you can do quick af with pressing af_ae button. In version 1.01, it still can do the same, but the focus box (area) won’t turn into green anymore like in 1.00 (even if half I half press shutter release button). Is this just happen to me or you guys experiencing the same? I want my green box focus back in manual mode.