Fuji denies current XF lenses can work on a Full Frame camera!


X PRO 1 viewfinder video with the 18-55mm zoom lens.

As you know yesterday Amateur Photographer reported that Hiroshi Kawahara from Fuji said ” “the covering circle of Fuji’s current X-series lenses is large enough to accommodate full frame.” But today Dpreview posted an interview with the same Hiroshi Kawahara and he said that current “XF lenses could not be used with a full-frame sensor“. Amateur Photogrpaher misinterpreted the words from Hiroshi Kawahara. That we will never know.


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  • JC

    Fuji is in the scramble since they have NOT got a FF camera..

    In two years, a camera company without a FF camera will NOT be consider a serious player in the field. The training is leaving the station…..

    • Crop is ok

      For now mirrorless cams can afford the smaller sensors because I size and price. Personally I don’t mind a aps-c sensor in a compact body. I have my D800e for more serious stuff.

      That said, bit sad the lenses won’t cover FF, but not surprised.

  • Lee

    XF lens may not be able to used as FF lens, but that doesn’t mean X mount FF lens can’t be designed. I guess fuji will produce another series of lens which could be named like XH, or XW, or XG or whatever follow that XF naming pattern. And don’t forget this new series can support APSC.

  • dave

    Lets wait for the FF X200, the logic step to dominate the Sony RX1. But I wish the lens to be smaller than the XF 35mm. If we get a fixed pancake 40mm ä la CV 40mm Ultron, then I am singing in the rain. I know, I am dreaming.

    If the X200 will get the same xtrans cmos sensor from the x-pro1/x-e1, I would be happy too for the size factor.