First image of the upcoming new X100s.


This is the very first image of the new Fuji X100S with 16 Megapixel X-trans sensor and focus peaking!

via Digicaminfo.

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  • Glenn

    Extraordinary! The lengths they have gone to just to … er…. stick that S on :)

  • http://harkavy.com Michael Harkavy

    Thanks for the new info. It’s getting a little more interesting now. :-)

  • michal

    I hoped for black body! and just a bit improved design :/ what a shame

  • Raz

    While I hate to be ‘that guy’,this would take about 30 seconds to fake in Photoshop. The X100 has a great design but I like to think any revision would at least make some improvements to the front of the camera. The lens still seems to require that damned adapter to mount filters and hood for example.

  • c0ldc0ne

    An exact replica of the X100 with an S-badge stuck onto it. If this is the real deal (which I seriously doubt), then we can only hope that it’s more imaginative under the hood.

  • Renato S.

    First render of what it may look like, but I can see that it’s a Photoshopped image, just look at how the “S” has a different black around, the resolution seems different and the “S” is way too white. But it will probably look similar anyway.

  • ggweci

    Looks exactly like the current model, with just and “S” added. Likely a Photoshop job, as I suspect there’d be a few more (if only subtle) changes.

    See think link for the current model to compare: http://www.kenrockwell.com/fuji/x100/D3S_5216-front-1200.jpg

    • MJr

      It’s likely fake because you expected differently ? That’s not much of a reason is it. 😉 Anyway, if it was going to be a complete redesign they would do more than just add an S. That’s pretty solid logic if you ask me. It’s just going to be a technical upgrade.

      Also, product ‘photos’ are actually photoshop jobs 90% of the time, especially the official ones. I can imagine they’d want the S to stand out. Because if the specs are true it makes a pretty big difference. :)

  • Antonio G

    For the ones that want design innovations – just have a look at the OVF/EVF switch lever…does it seem slightly different or not?

    Besides I’d like to see a change to the AF modes selector, I find it funny to read so many complains because it seems exactly the same as the existing model. I wonder if this kind of comments come from X100 owners, but I would bet that most people that enjoys using X100 would like to know what’s new but not visible and don’t value design changes that much, as it would imply R&D investments and production lines changes that would cause an undesirable price increase.

    When it came out, the retro design was an important marketing argument but the main reasons for the model’s success come from how it handles and IQ.

    • Jeffrey S.

      Yes, the OVF/EVF does look different. Good Eye!

      • Aleste

        Funny, I don’t see how the OVF/EVF looks any different from the previous version…

        • Buna

          New evf/ovf selector lever has a red circular indent while the old has an obround one.

  • d4dawg

    Would you expect the iPhone 5s to look any different than the iPhone 5?

  • AM

    First reaction: that “S” looks so lame.

    Second reaction: this image makes no sense. They’d at least change the MF/AF selector switch to a rotary dial, like all the other X cameras. So yes, I don’t think this image is legit.

  • Dave

    Yesterday a Fuji-rep told me, they definitvely expect the Q-button. They also think we will get a silver and a black version like there is with the X-E1, that the special black edition for the higher price wasn’t good for their reputation. And that Fuji will improve the ergonomics somehow according to the X-Pro1 / X-E1. He did not answer whether the lens will give us a simple opportunity to mount a protection filter without another ‘investment’ in accessories.

  • Matt

    Via photorumors: X-trans sensor, Hybrid AF (phase and contrast) and better EVF, focus peaking etc.

    If only they put a 1.4 on that 35mm on the X-Trans APSC they could have directly competed with the RX1 with its 35mm 2.0 FF, at a fraction of the price, and I am sure they would do very well in that regard…

    Regardless love the upgrades and love the fact that Fuji LISTENS! to customer and continuously improves via firmware… now bring that focus peaking to the XE-1

    And at CES let us know when those 24 and 56 1.4 lenses will hit the stores :-)

  • orientmen

    Slightly recessed exposition correction dial would be nice, something like in the x-e1

    • Peter

      I would only like it to be stiffer in order to avoid accidental changes, not recessed. I don’t know about others, but I tend to change both the shutter speed and the exposure compensation wheel with only my thumb from the back of the camera (similar to the aperture dial on the higher level Nikon DSLRs). Making the dial recessed would require moving the finger away from the shutter release.

  • Peter

    Identical body design could theoretically enable Fuji to offer upgrades of existing X100 bodies to the X100s, similar to the sensor swap they did on the X10. Companies like Red (one of the leading manufacturers of digital cinema cameras) have offered sensor upgrades in the past for example.

    In light of the fact that many X100 users really love their camera the way it is and many won’t necessarily upgrade to an improved model at full price, that might be an interesting way for Fuji to extend the reach of the new model among their existing customer base.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/hsk9146/ hsk

    if they are thinking of making everything to be backwards compatible with the old x100, they should lower the magnification on the viewfinder in order to fit in the other frameline the wide angle conversion lens would give. Also it would add more space outside the frameline because I remember the viewfinder being quite narrow for the 35mm equivalent framelines. Also it wouldn’t be bad if they released a 24mm or a 21mm wide angle converter, since I 28 and 35 are so close to each other enough to be treated as very similar focal lengths.

  • Keith T

    Well what do you know. I fell for it didn’t I? I purchased the limited edition just two months ago. Now I envision a great big price drop as hundreds of X100 originals hit the used market and my investment in Fuji will plummet. I think

  • http://keithtowers.zenfolio.com/ Keith T

    Just bought the limited edition! What a pig! Come on Fuji, give the recent buyers of your limited edition models a chance to recoup their losses and buy into the new model. We are well placed to test it out for you.