Firmware: 1.01 for X-E1 and 2.01 for X-PRO1


Here is the next update for Fuji lenses and the X-PRO1:

Firmware 1.01 for X-E1 (click here): It will add the compatibility with Fujinon XF18-55mmF2.8-4 R, improve the auto focus accuracy with XF60mm lens, and prevent under exposure when using the M-Mount Adapter .

Firmware 2.01 for X-PRO1 (click here) : Get full performance with the Fujinon XF18-55F2.8-4 lens. The size of the bright frame on OVF can be magnified in relation to zooming motion of Fujinon XF18-55mm lens. When using the focus checking function with “3-time” magnification in manual focus mode, you could find a few dots (black or color) only in live view image on EVF/LCD. Improve auto accuracy focus of XF60mm lens and prevent under exposure when using the M-Mount Adapter.

keep it up, Fuji!


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  • Andy

    The menu also scrolls better, pressing up on Shooting Menu 1 takes you to Set-up menu 3 so you get to Format quicker. Scrolling now seems completely different to what I thought it did or did I miss this in the update to 2.0?

    • Martin

      Hm…mine doesn’t…
      Up on Shooting Menu 1 takes me to Shooting Menu 5 :/

      • Andy

        press left then up and you get to set-up 3. They almost got it right but at least it’s faster than before when it was left & down lots!

  • http://www.streetphotographix.com Paul

    No noticeable difference with the 60 macro, still mostly unusable. I don’t have the zoom, so cannot comment on that, but no other improvements noted.

  • Etienne

    Hey, I don’t know if anybody noticed that after updating my firmware for both th 35mm and the body, all my custums settings where still intact. I didn’t have tu reconfigure the camera after the upgrade. Thanks Fuji for listening and all the good work!

    • Andy

      Yep, same for me. Some small useful upgrades this time.

      • http://www.streetphotographix.com Paul

        You’re right! I’m so used to upgrades that don’t actually do anything, as in this case with the 60mm lens, that I didn’t notice I didn’t have to reset the settings! Finally… it’s taken them several years to get that one fixed, so maybe by 2016 we may see some other useful upgrades. :)

  • Chad

    That is good news. Was going to skip this update just because of the hassle of resetting configuration.

    • GeorgeC

      I read somewhere that it’s a good idea to download each firmware update because Fuji tend to include tweaks not necessarily mentioned in the update.

      • Chad

        I ran the update and am seeing an undocumented improvement over v2.0.

        The power-on time from off and from sleep is very fast. I used to get a long delay when powering back up from sleep but now it is less than 1 second.

  • Martin

    I hope Fuji keeps on releasing bugfixes and improvements continuously. Focus peaking would be very nice to see in a future release.

  • tim

    I notice less aperture chatter, only makes noise when button pressed. This is great!

  • http://Riverlightimages.com Mark

    After the 2.1 firmware update I noticed that the exposure indicator has no “indicator” needle – it only has the numbers scale on the far left of the OVF. I am using the fuji 35mm lens. Is anyone seeing this glitch?