CRAZY DEAL: buy both Zeiss Touit lenses for Fuji X and save $800 !!!


 photo ze_zps5ddbea52.jpg

That’s not a joke, it’s real!!! Buy both Zeiss Touit lenses (12 f2.8 and 32 f1.8) and you’ll save $800! Check this deal out here at BHphoto or at Adorama.

If you buy them individually, then you’ll save $200 on each one here at BHpohoto or at Adorama.

I remind you that also the X-E2 is discounted (up to $200 off): X-E2 body: AmazonUS,  BHphoto (with freebies and 4%reward), Adorama (with freebies), Pictureline and DigitalRev. X-E2 kit DigitalRev (they sell it for $1,119) AmazonUSBHphoto (with freebies and 4%reward), Adorama (with freebies) and Pictureline.


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  • I guess Zeiss cannot sell either in the presence of 35/1.4 and 14/2.8.

  • hmm, or there is indeed a FF fuji on the way…

    • probably related to poor sales of Zeiss lenses given the high quality and affordability of the fuji lenses

      • Fujifilm lenses sell for large discounts for a large chunk of the year so Fujifilm is as guilty as anyone for stuffing the channel.

  • Just bought the pair. Keep up the good work.

    • will do ;-). Thanks for supporting FR

  • That’s the price they should have been retailing for from the very beginning.

    • Really?! For 2 awesome Zeiss lenses?

      • Have you seen the raw distortion numbers? They are straight out embarrassing for a $800 lens. And if you correct it you loose all the fine detail in the corners. These lenses are nowhere near ZF/ZE/ZM quality.

  • The resulting price seems to be that of two Fujifilm XF lenses at a normal discount. Well, that’s pretty crazy.

  • That’s a great price… except for the fact that, being the owner of the Fujinon 35mm and 14mm, I simply don’t need them. If you are new to the system and don’t own either lens, jump on this! The Zeiss 32mm is arguably better than the Fujinon 35mm and, while the Fujinon and Zeiss UWA lenses are very similar on most accounts, 2mm on the ultra-wide end makes a ton of difference.

    This is a great bargain to start on the Fuji path.

  • Thank you a lot! Just bought the pair through your link)

    • thanks a lot for supporting this blog ipecaca!

  • Picked up the pair. I’ll test them out on an upcoming trip with X-T1 and then either keep them or sell them for as much or more.

    • Well, I think quite a few people will have a similar idea so doubtful if you can sell for more (after PayPal fees, shipping, etc). I think you’ll be able to resell them without a loss for people who want to snag it and can’t wait for their backorders to be filled. Still a winner deal!!!

  • Adorama and BH are out of stock……….

  • Wow that was really a limited supply… OOS already at both sites…

  • yep, OOS already :)

  • OOS, but ordered!

  • insane deal. I ordered from Adorama (BH was out of stock) and I hope I got my order before it went out of stock (not clear because I was ordering from my cell phone). Also it says on adorama site that accessories kit is included but does not explain what extra things come with the two-lens kit. are uv filters included?

  • I feel bad about those who bought theses lenses full price: their value just dropped by half overnight!

    • Yes definitely! Same think as the Fuji XF27 a few weeks ago … but much more money involved here.

    • Not the value, but the price.

      • I meant “resale value”, but sure.

        • Resale price. 😉 No, of course resale value is the right term. But I find it very misleading. Has nothing to do with the value of a lens.

    • Most Fuji gear drops in value very very quickly.

      • Cameras, yes. Lenses, less so. You can generally get them for 100-200$ less than their first release, but they don’t go much lower than this, at least new. The Zess Touits have gone from the most costly lenses in the system (the 12mm started around $1200) to some of the cheaper ones ($450 each).

        Also, since I imagine the 12mm will be much more in demand than the 32mm, I expect that quite a few buyers will buy both, and sell the 32mm on ebay to get some of their money back. I expect to see some BNIB 32mm go for $250-$300 in the next few weeks.

  • I suspect the 12 mm sells at a steady, but slow pace. The 32mm was too close to the Fuji 35, two zooms cover that range, and many people have 35mm Leica and other legacy lenses. Maybe Zeiss is trying to clear out the 32s any way they can. The problem: if you buy both, I am not sure if there is much market for the 32 if you want to get rid of it.

    • Yes the 32 must definitely not be selling well (but I was thinking of getting one, and at that price I definitely placed an order). Having said that the deal is also available for the Sony versions of the lenses, so not sure it is just a Fuji XF35 issue.

    • Awesome thanks!

    • Ahhh. that explains it. This hit the rumor mill (site) a bit too late 😉

  • Which is faster focussing on X-Pro1: Fuji 35mm or Zeiss 32mm?

    • Depending on whose review you read, either the Fuji, or they are evenly matched.

      • Thanks. There was a FW update a while back if I recall correctly, wonder if that made a difference? Also do they work with Fuji’s OSPDAF? I know they didn’t on Sony until recently.

        • I believe the recent update was strictly to bring OSPDAF support. Ie it did improve focusing speed for newer bodies only.

  • Why don’t we get such deals in Germany? I’m jealous. Almost every month there is a big deal in the US or UK. Seems like the shops are sitting on lots of unsold items.

    • Can you order from B&H or Adorama overseas?

      • Yes but they tend to charge a lot for shipping (a lot more that it costs them I think), and you have to add duty and tax (plus usually the delivery company takes a commission to collect the duty on behalf of the governement which is charged to the recipient). Still a good deal but just not as good.

        • I just realized that it says for US shipping only in the fine print – sorry :(

          • On which website did you see this? They might pull out later on, but B&H did accept my order with a delivery/billing address in Europe.

      • Played around with the figures from B&H and it works out to be around £580 for both lenses without import duty /taxes and £715 with. The Fujinon 14mm f2.8 is £669 on amazon.co.uk. Hard choice if you don’t need a 32/35mm lens I guess

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      • And it’s because you are birdbrained and have small genitals you are slobbering over writing nonsens here

        • I think that was the plan

      • First off, Germans took over Europe quite easily, it’s Russians they failed to handle. Secondly, why bring up this topic on a photography site anyway?!

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      • Please keep this off of this forum, which is for photography discussions. Comment has been flagged. I suggest everyone else do the same.

    • I guess because in our markets the sales figures match the projections, so they don’t need to do sales deals. I could be wrong though. It’s either that or German & French marketing teams are asleep at the wheel :)

      • *EDIT* hit reply on wrong post

      • Nah, it’s the fact that they have an easier time staying in the premium price range over here. The market for MILCs is smaller in Europe than it is in the U.S. and the competition isn’t as strong.

        Fujifilm (and others) have found that there’s a greater willingness to pay in Germany than in the U.S. and they seem to make decent sales at the prices they have set.

        Admittedly I would’ve loved to get me some XF23 during some kind of deal in the U.S. instead of paying the German price of ~ € 900.- but I’m glad I did, because the lens is incredible.

        In most cases importing equipment from the U.S. isn’t worth it for us German users, because secure shipping, taxes and customs eat away almost all of the benefits.

  • Bought them. Thanks! I already gave my 35/1.4 to my wife and opted to keep the 23/1.4 so might not need to buy a 35/1.4 Mk II when that comes out. I was considering selling my 14 after getting the 10-24 and now I definitely will and keep the 12/2.8. :)

  • 2 Questions:

    1) Does Adorama pay import tax like Amazon.com does when buying from outside the U.S.?

    2) I wonder what Rico thinks of this deal considering he wrote an article comparing these lenses to the Fuji equivalents last year. Would the new costs change the weighting of the comparison he did? Over to you Rico!

  • Very tempting for someone just starting with Fuji X. If I didn’t already own the 35mm 1.4 this would be an easy buy.

  • http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1056214-REG/zeiss_touit_32mm_f_1_8_and.html

    BH ended it deal early and now $1319 instead of 919.

  • I’d imagine zeiss is scratching the APS-C line and focusing on FF glass for E-mount. And sony really needs that. 😉

    • Probably not since they just put out the macro. I bet they just made way too many and can’t get them out of the warehouse. Kind of like the recent Nikon J1 fire sales.

      • Good point. But on the other hand they announced the 50mm years ago. Who would have believed any roadmap of zeiss any more?

        Also they probably put a lot of money into development and production and want to get at least some of it back.

  • Thanks for all your efforts Patrick. I bought the bundle at Adorama using your link. Curious to see if I prefer the Zeiss 32mm to the Fuji 35mm. I generally only shoot the 35 at lower apertures and all the reviews seem to agree that’s where the Zeiss shines.
    I got the bundle mainly for the Zeiss 12mm after being disappointed with the Rokinon 12mm. Overall OK lens but nothing special–I was expecting much better coming from the Rokinon 14mm for Canon.

    • It would be interesting to hear your impression on how 14mm rokinon on canon competes with the UWA touit on fuji. I’m still considering buying it along with a speedbooster to have the widest possible option.
      Also it seems to me (judging by the reviews) that, while 32 touit is a little better cantrast-wise than fuji option, the 14mm X is superior over 12mm zeiss in terms of sharpness and contrast.

      • Judging from sample images I’d say you are right about the 12mm vs Fuji 14mm. Although, I think part of that can be attributed to the wider field of view. Makes details seem less sharp when you’re comparing images from a slightly narrower lens.
        I think the difference is most likely negligible and I prefer my UWA lens to be as wide as possible. The widest I shoot is typically 23mm (35mm equiv) so if I’m going to shoot ultra wide I want the widest view possible.

    • thanks for your support Greg!

  • Nice XF deals from Zeiss in the US, from Fuji in the UK before that. What about a deal from a European site, and for products not out of stock preferably? I was under the impression that Europe is the largest market in the world or there about? These are all very tempting…


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