Capture One Beta VS lightroom 4.2


capture one vs lightroom

image courtesy:  seriouscompacts.com

left: capture one beta / right: lightroom 4.2

Many of you are already trying out the new Capture One Beta. Now seriouscompacts (click here) posted his comparison between lighroom 4.2 and the C1-Beta. Here you can see just one of the 8 comparison images. Take a look and leave a comment.


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  • Hello,

    i don’t mean to be rude, but these images are non relevant as no informations about the settings used are given.

    There are also a lot of details that show only beyond 100%.
    No serious comparisons about moiré, watercolor effect in LR or any complex situation.

  • C1 sure provides sharper details but in real life it is negligible, who cares about 100% crops of such tiny details? If you print these samples at 60X90cm and hang it on a wall, would anybody be able to tell the difference?

    I would love a better support from adobe including lenses profiles and color profiles but to be honest, I haven’t encountered any issues in RAW conversions that bother me.

    My normal workflow goes through first process in DXO and I’m waiting for a DXO support. don’t feel like buying a new software…

  • I have compared LR with rawtherapee, it looks like C1 can do what rawtherapee can also do: sharpen. So by default C1 will sharpen more than LR. What does that mean? Is that good? Is it too much? Does it cause more artefacts? To make it even harder to judge, I’m getting these messages when trying to see the full size images: ‘This photo is private. Oops! You don’t have permission to view this photo’.
    By the way, I did not switch to rawtherapee.

  • Okay, so I have downloaded a trial version of Capture One (I assume the beta version that supports my X-E1 raw files is included?) … but, how do I upload raw files – either from my camera or through a memory card reader – to Capture One?

    I don’t want to undo all the settings I have for my other cameras to default to Aperture 3 …. is there a way to just direct my raw files from X-E1 to C1 without making a whole bunch of changes?

  • can someone please help me to get C1 beta?
    where should i request for download?

    • Admin provided the contact info in a previous article:
      “…You have to contact Lionel of Phase One (lkuhlmann [@] yahoo.com) and he will send you the download links!…”

      • thanks alot “Fly Moon”
        i sent the mail

  • Are we allowed to discuss C1 beta testing result in public?
    Anyway so far I am really impressed by C1 beta. To me it’s very close to perfect.

  • Those are mine, you can see the set here:


    Includes any of the photos that are private from the set. A link was also provided in the serious compacts post that I did for those that wanted to see it.


    • Hi tdp
      Many thanks for your test picture with the C1 beta! Oh, yes it seems to be great and close to perfect!
      I do hope Phase One will give the final version free soon!

  • This examples are really not the best, the Adobe “aquarell effect” can be easily seen looking closer at vegetation in 100%, so photos of vegetation/architecture in a mix are best for comparison.

    Compare also to Silkypix if you do comparison shots.

    I have tested against Silkypix and may post my results as soon as we do have a final Capture One version.

  • I have been playing with LR4 alot with the xpro and here is how I get the most out of it.

    In Sharpening set the RADIUS ot 3.0 , Masking to about 30, put a slight amount of sharpening on it and then play with the detail slider you will see some drasticly better results that way.

    • “In Sharpening set the RADIUS ot 3.0 , Masking to about 30, put a slight amount of sharpening on it and then play with the detail slider you will see some drasticly better results that way”.

      Alan, are you sharpening jpegs or RAW with this method ?


  • I’ve done my own testing with the CP1 beta. I’m hesitant to comment on it (being that it is Beta), but my observations have gone to their beta team for commentary. I will say that there are positives but those that follow my own observations and I used one of my hardest reference images to process, there are some things that I passed on to Phase One to consider.

    It is exciting to see this, and it does open up a new player to the market, and one that Adobe will need to step up and fix in their current processing strategy with the X-Trans files. Phase One’s team is certainly a few steps ahead of them after looking at this current beta.


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