A new source confirms: new X-body entry level camera announced in July (body+lens for $550)


A FR-reader had a talk with a Fuji rep. During this conversation the Fuji rep said that there will be a body and lens combination out in July running around $550. And what was supposed to remain confidential, is now shared with all of you :). [not with 2/3 sensor]

Now we have 2 new sources talking about a cheaper X-series camera to be announced this summer. I do not have news from trusted sources until now but I’ll post immediatly an update, if they can confirm (or find out more) the announcement of a new body and lens as told me by the new source.

btw, thanks dear readers for sharing rumors with Fujirumors. Keep it up! You can do it anonymously via rumor box, but please mark your message with an invented name so that I can recognize you in future. That will help me to recognize trusted sources.

[Update]: also photorumors says here that the new X-camera will cost $550 (same source I suppose).


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  • peter

    Sorry, but 2/3 sensor make absolutely no sense. Why on earth would they be creating another mirrorless system when the area is so crowded already?

    • Gab

      They wouldn’t necessarily need to do that, they could just use a crop factor & the current mount.

      • Milan

        No, this is a mistake. Either the X camera has a 2/3″ sensor and it’s not an X-mount system camera (i.e, it’s another one in the X line, like the X20, the XF1, XS1, ….) or it is an X-mount system camera with an APS-C sensor.

        To have a 2/3″ sensor on an X-mount camera would be as silly as putting a full frame sensor in a Nikon 1 system camera.

        • Adrian

          Um, no, it would be jsut as silly as putting a Nikon 1-sized sensor in a D4, which is a whole different matter :)

          • Gab

            You can use Nikon FF lenses on a Nikon1 :)

  • Gab

    I would personally be very happy with this, Keeping the current Aps-c line the high end I mean.

  • AC

    Oh for me personally this is a shame since I was looking forward to a more compact APS-C Fuji as day-to-day cam and backup to X-E. 2/3 XTrans means the sensor from X20? In that case it doesn’t necessarily stand out from competition. Shame IMO

    • ph

      This is very dissapointing. I would love a tiny Fuji APS-C camera as a companion to my X-Pro1. Like has been said before: just an XF mount, sensor, screen en a couple of buttons. As small and cheap as possible. An ideal body for the 27mm pancake.

  • kuishinbou

    Stupidity and a waste of resources and time, if it is true! Isn’t the X-E1 tiny enough? Perhaps a smaller camera for kids, but there is no need for a 2/3 sensor.

    If capacity is an issue for production, focus on the X-Pro 2, not on some low-end cameras, which the market is full of.

    • c0ldc0ne

      The X-E1 is compact, but I’d hardly call it “tiny”.

  • gearhorse

    makes me curious as to what the pricing of the pancake is, assuming that’s the lens that would be packaged in @ $550

  • george

    Simple, it would be a low cost entry level camera, which would naturally lead to an upgrade at some time that the lenses would fit. Otherwise the customer would have no reason to upgrade to the higher cost professional line, or even stay with the same brand.

    i think it is a good idea for marketing.

  • Jade

    As for people like me who shoot a whole lot of street photography for my clients (most o whom are cafes and bars) I’d like the notion of having a cheaper APS-C body. This is a great step up for me who shoots primarily with my x10 since the day I got it and replaced all my old Nikon gear with a camera they categorize as a point and shoot. I’ve had more clients liking the results from my x10 than my D90. hehehe. was going to save up for the X-E1 so that I could print bigger but I’d probably wait for this newer X-mount body. Hope I could fit my old fuji and russian M42 lenses on this body.