$ 400 price drop: X-100 special edition

X-100 limited edition deal

Save $400 and purchase the last X-100 special edition in stock right now at AmazonUS (sold by Adorama), or go directly to the Adorama store.

  • http://www.thuncherphotography Glen T.

    The X100 looks beautiful in black, but even at $400- off it’s a tough sell when you can get the X-E1 with killer lens for only $100 more.

    Then again, looks like Adorama has one left.

    Merry Christmas :-)

    • richnyc

      Exactly!!! Tough sell at $1,300 when you can get a better camera (XE-1) with a decent interchangeable lens (18-55) for almost the same price. No way it’ll move…

      Even if it was $900, I wouldn’t bite;) I mean come on, X-200 with a X-Tran sensor TBA soon!!!

  • Santa Claus

    X200 is coming!