FujiRumors Reaches 1,000 Youtube Subscribers and Celebrates by Sharing 10 “Hidden” Private Videos on My Birthday

FujiRumors Youtube Channel

I have no idea how this happened, since I basically ignore it, but the FujiRumors youtube channel has reached 1,000 subscribers!

In order to celebrate the 1,000 subscribers mark, I have decided to share a few “hidden” videos that I have uploaded without ever thinking to share them publicly. But today it’s my birthday, so what the heck, I share them :).

So, if for some reason you would like to see me jumping from a 45 feet rock in Santo Domingo, travelling Myanmar on a (scary) train, playing football with friends, walking in my mountians and other things I do in my life, then check out the videos below.

The videos are still and will remain “not listed“, since I do not want to Spam subscribers with personal stuff. I will publish (rarely) only photography related videos, such as real-time coverage from photography fairs.

And once I reach 100,000 subscribers (should be easy, right?) I will start the vlogging more seriously and give you a live stream from my home :).

take care guys,

12 Squarespace Free Videos

Don’t do it, but if you really can’t resist, down below are 10 “hidden” videos (plus 2 public ones) to check out. Don’t forget to downvote and unsubscribe!

All these videos are NOT monetized and NOT even sponsored by Squarespace.

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