Fujifilm Factory Visit: Manufacturing Fujinon XF Lenses and Fujifilm X/GFX Cameras

Pixel Village visited the Fujifilm factory in Japan. Above you can see the video, which I will let you start at minute 2:30 (the moment they enter the factory). Here are some info we get from the video:

  • 70 Fujifilm GFX 50R are assembled in an 8 hour shift
  • the leather fixing on the Fujifilm X-H1 took the Japanese worker 1 minute and 50 seconds
  • you see the red badge XF lens assembly line and manual lens elements alignment
  • some stuff was not permitted to be filmed, such as robots putting lens mounts together
  • they were surprised how much technology, work and passion is behind something that we take for granted
  • at the end Fujifilm asked in a feedback session what they could improve in their quality standards, but it would be like if the sun would ask how to make light

Down below you can see some screenshots from the video.

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Fujinon XF 8-16mm F2.8 WR will Be The Next X-mount Lens Launched after the XF80mm Macro – Source Right in the Past

Fujinon XF 8-16mm F2.8 WR

I’ve shared the first rumor about the Fujinon XF 8-16mm F2.8 WR in May 2016. Since then, we haven’t heard much about it anymore.

All we know, is that Fujifilm delayed the release of the XF8-16mm, because they prioritized smaller WR lenses, such as the XF35mmF2, XF23mmF2 and the XF50mmF2… and of course Fujifilm invested a lot of time also in the medium format G-mount system.

But here is an update for you today.

I hear from a source, right in the past, that once Fujifilm completed the current roadmap with the release of the XF80mmF2.8 1:1 Macro later this year, the next X-mount lens to be released will be the Fujinon XF 8-16mm F2.8. But… please take long term rumors always with …. you know what ;)

Stay tuned on FujiRumors…. because apparently rumors never take a rest ;)

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