Very Last Hours to Preorder Luminar Neo for the Best Value

These are the last hours to grant the best offer to get the upcoming new NEO software: Buy the current Luminar AI (Click here) at the best price ever and you will get the new Luminar NEO once it’s released in Winter!

If you haven’t noticed it you can “virtually” play with some of the features using these sliders on this special website. I have been told more such virtual sliders will be made available soon to show off other new features.

Skylum announces New “Luminar Neo” with Huge Discount (Limited Number)

Today Skylum announced the new “Neo” software will arrive this winter. They also launched a special offer on current Luminar (Click here and add checkout code “FUJI” to get an additional $10 discount). It runs only for the first 30k preorders and you will get the new “NEO” software for free once it’s released. It’s their lowest price ever on Luminar!

Key Features of Luminar Neo:

High Performance : We designed our new Luminar engine to allow users to apply lots of different tools to an image without significant performance loss. Luminar Neo works faster than previous versions of Luminar when importing, viewing, and exporting images, and it uses less memory all around.

Innovative technologies:

  • Transform photos with new relighting options. Luminar Neo analyzes each image to recognize the depth of a scene and its subject which allows precise control over exposure and tone.
  • Remove blemishes and distracting elements. Luminar Neo automatically recognizes and removes artifacts caused by a dirty camera sensor or lens. New tools make removing unwanted background elements easier than ever before.
  • Powerful background replacement. Take full control of the background for portrait photos by quickly replacing it with an all-new image or background.
  • Round-trip mobile image management. Our new companion mobile app makes it simple to add pictures captured on a mobile device to your Luminar Catalog. Once edited in Luminar Neo, results can be sent back to the mobile device for easy social sharing or viewing on the go.
  • Precise control with flexible editing:
    Smart, AI-based masking easily isolates elements in individual images.
    Add numerous images as layers to create entirely new art.
    Apply any tool and any mask … to any layer, in any order, multiple times.
    Use creative blending modes, guided by AI, to achieve clean, precise, composite images.

Improved Ease of Use:

  • Users can save their photos as well as presets for easy reuse.
    All editing steps remain editable for complete control over the final image.
    With a minimalist user interface, the whole process is enjoyable and easy.

New Users:

1-seat license for Luminar Neo: 54 $/€
2-seats license for Luminar Neo: 59 $/€

1-seat license for Luminar AI + Neo: 83 $/€
2-seats license for Luminar AI + Neo: 98 $/€

Existing Luminar & Aurora HDR users:

1-seat license for Luminar Neo: 34 $/€
2-seats license for Luminar Neo: 49 $/€

1-seat license for Luminar AI + Neo: 63 $/€
2-seats license for Luminar AI + Neo: 88 $/€

Luminar AI Update 4 Released with Bokeh AI (Video Demo)

Skylum now released the latest update for the Luminar AI software.

Until August 3th there is also a special offer for the Luminar X Membership, which is 50% off.

Skylum products can be purchased with an extra $10 discount by using coupon code “FUJI“.

Portrait Bokeh AI

The long-awaited Portrait BokehAI feature will help Luminar Creatives achieve dreamy and spectacular portraits. Using artificial intelligence, this tool quickly analyzes the depth of an image, and creates a beautiful background blur in seconds, adding a realistic and dreamy 3D bokeh effect to your portraits. 

Bokeh Al creates a beautiful background blur in seconds, adding a realistic and dreamy 3D bokeh effect to your portraits. You can use it to automatically emulate the stunning background haziness of a high-quality lens at maximum aperture; easily add volume, airiness, and depth to your photos; hide imperfections in an unfocused background; and let the subject in your photos stand out

Textures with visual preview

The improved Textures tool gives you incredible new possibilities.  In the Local Masking tab, click on +Add and select Textures. Now you can visually browse Textures in the dropdown list and instantly have an idea of what your final result can look like (just like in SkyAI and Augmented SkyAI).

Shifting Horizon Control in SkyAI

In Update 4, you can enjoy significant improvements to the SkyAI tool.There’s now a new slider that correctly adjusts the position of the sky. You can replace the sky and set the desired position of your horizon line thanks to the Shifting HorizonControl slider in the Sky Orientation section. Instead of Vertical Position, Horizontal Position, and Horizon Blending sliders, now there is just one smart control that saves time and is more efficient in getting your replaced Sky Texture exactly where you want it.

Get Luminar AI here.