Fujifilm XF23mmF2 WR: “One Of the Nicest Lenses I’ve Ever Used. Excellent Sharpness (except wide-open at close distances)”

Evidently Something compared the XF23mmF2 with the XF23mmF1.4. They really love XF23mmF2 WR and among the other say:

  • Really nice lens for street and video
  • Excellent Aperture Ring
  • Silent and Super Fast AF
  • excellent sharpness, even wide open in the corners
  • images get soft when focussing at close distance wide open
  • Bokeh of 23/1.4 is smoother
  • “one of the nicest lenses I’ve ever owned“.

– First Walk with Fuji 23 mm f2 – Mother of Lenses ! at hendriximages: “this IMO is THE must-have lens for every Fuji shooter – if you can only have one lens (like the “desert island lens”), this is it ! You get stellar image quality, it´s fast, silent, compact, light, water resistant & ain´t got no OVF intrusion – at a very reasonable price.

– XF23mmF2: Kevin Mullins Initial Thoughts at f16.click: “The AF speed is incredible.  And I mean incredible to the point that sometimes I have to wonder if in fact the AF has done anything. […] The fact of the matter is, in the low light situations I find myself in a lot, I will end up resorting to the F1.4 lens. The good thing of course, is that for the rest of the day (which is about 90%), I’ll be using the smaller and lighter F2 lens exclusively. This lens is perfect for street photography and perfect for almost all of my wedding photography.”

Megan Lewis “Heels of Heart” at fujifilm’s youtube

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