Viltrox EF-FX2 Focal Reducer With Autofocus Reviews

Viltrox EF-FX2

The Viltrox EF-FX2 AF Smart Adapter focal reducer is a welcome addition to the other “speedboosters” available for Fujifilm X, the Metabones Speedbooster and the Kipon Baveyes EF-FX AF 0.7x.

The reviewes so far are very positive, and make it look like a good option.

You can check pricing and specs at AmazonUS and BHphoto.

Down below a couple of youtube reviews:

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ZHONGYI Mitakon Canon FD to Fuji X Lens Turbo II Announced

Mitakon Lens Turbo

ZHONGYI Optics just released the Mitakon MK II Canon FD to Fuji X focal reducer. You can find it at AmazonUS here.

This product is the 2nd generation adapter for mounting Canon FD mount lens on FUJIFILM X cameras. It is equipped with 4 groups of 4 focal reducer lenses that reduces the focal length to 0.726 times in the adapter, even with cameras adopting the APS-C size image pickup device, it is possible to shoot with the original full frame angle of view of the lens.”