How to Use Your Fujifilm Camera as a Webcam for Free (No Need of Camlink 4K)

FR-reader Kim contacted me, letting me know about a workflow he established, in order to run his Fujifilm as a webcam during video conferences with Zoom, without any need of a capture card (like the very popilar Camlink 4K).

I made a video recently about how to use your Fujifilm camera as a webcam without a capture card (like the Camlink 4K). I thought some would fine it useful given the 4-5 week delay on getting a capture card lately.  Also is a method to get external webcam (the camera in this case) working on Zoom as I know that is also a bit of an issue for some.

It’s done over the UBS connection to a Mac (no PC as I no little of those things anymore) and works great. Totally free set up, once you have a Mac Fuji camera and a USB cable. I did a two hour Aikido class on Zoom last night and battery only dropped to 71%.

Though you might share this if you feel people out there might benefit for it.

Thanks Kim for sharing this with the Fujifilm community.

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