Fujifilm GFX100S and GF Lens Deals Extended and up to $1,000 Savings on X Series Gear

The massive $3,500 rebate on the GFX100 ended. And also the GFX100S and GF lens deals were to end along with it, but Fujifilm decided to let them run for two more weeks.


X Series Deals

Fujifilm EUROPE Deals

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Fujifilm X/GFX Deals – Save up to $1,000

Fujifilm has now added the Fujifilm GFX50R to the current GFX deals. You will save $1,000 on the GFX50R until March 21.

After purchase of your GF lens, go to this page to claim your money back.

The same deals run in Europe, where you will also find some deals on X series gear. You see them listed below.

GF Lens Deals in Europe

All Fujifilm Deals

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LAST HOURS to Save up to $1,000 on Fujifilm X and GFX Deals

Fujifilm X and GFX Deals

The current round of Fujifilm X and GFX deals will end today.

XF Lens Deals

X Camera Deals

GFX Bodies

X100V deal

If you purchase of Fujifilm X100V, you get a free DOMKE Medium Camera bag or DOMKE Camera Strap. To read all details, go to the BHphoto X100V page and click on the link we show you in the screenshot above or read the full Terms and Conditions below.

Capture One Deal

Phase One is getting read to launch Capture One 21, and they do so by offering a nice deals. Here it is:

  • if you own an older Capture One version (ver. 12 or older), you can now upgrade to Capture One 20 and you’ll get a free upgrade to Capture One 21 as soon as it released
  • if you own Capture One 20 already, you can pre-order Capture One 21 with a 20% discount using code “PREORDER2020

How to access the deal:

  • Login to Capture One
  • Go to the upgrade page and enter your license number
  • Upgrade to C21 and get the 20% discount using the checkout code “PREORDER2020“

If you pick the second option (pre-order with 20% discount), you’ll also get a Sample styles pack for free. This pack will include 5 styles out of Capture One’s most famous collections (Beyond Film, Beyond B&W, Film, Seasonal, Latitude – Sunbound).

You can get Capture One 20 here and upgrade here.


NEW Fujifilm USA Fall Offers: Save Big on Fujifilm X/GFX Gear including $150 Price Drop on XF56mmF1.2

Fujifilm has just launched its Fujifilm Fall Offers.

Some deals are the same of the last Fujifilm summer deals (X-E3 and X-T3). Other deals are even better than the latest summer deals (X-T200 now you save up to $300 instead of $100 only).

New entries: the deals on the XF lenses and X100F.

There is a nice $150 price drop on the XF56mmF1.2, which is Fuji’s answer to the top sales the XF50mmF1.0 is having.

XF Lens Deals

*All the lens XF lens deals listed above include a free download of Luminar 4.

X Camera Deals

GFX Bodies

Last Day to Save Big on Fujifilm X-T3 and Save up to $1,000 on other X/GFX Gear until March 29

This is the last day, where you can save big on the Fujifilm X-T3. In fact, Fujifilm writes:

The FUJIFILM X-T3 Body, Body with Lens Kit and Vertical Grip product savings and promotional offers effective on February 3, 2020 through February 16, 2020 or while dealer supplies last.

Here are your options:

The other deals on Fujifilm X-T30 and GFX will run until March 29.


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