XF18-55 review + AmazonUS started shipping preordered lenses


The Spanish DSLR magazine (click here) tested the XF18-55mm lens. At the conclusions they say that this lens is, for his performance and built quality, a “prime lens” in zoom version. Read much more and look at the test shots… and share your thoughts in the comments.

According to a comment in this post, AmazonUS started shipping this lens “to those who pre-ordered back in September. My September 6th order is in transit to be delivered December 4.

Fujinon XF18-55mm in stock status check

Amazon US / Adorama / B&H / ebayUS (via slidoo) / ebay Europe (via slidoo) / ebay worldwide (via slidoo)


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  • Obvian

    My E-X1 arrives tomorrow!!! So excited to see what all the fuss is about. I have used DSLR cameras in the past but never owned one. Very happy that the zoom kit lens is getting good reviews!

  • Xav

    B&H still in the dark for the X-E1; I really don’t know what they’re doing. Its something I wont forget for future buys

  • Phil

    I got my X-E1 Body Only from B&H over two weeks ago. Ordered mine as soon as it was listed in stock. They must have sold out that day.

  • Xav

    I was talking about the kit though.

    • macchan

      I will get my black X-E1 kit from B&H tomorrow. I preordered it on 9/28. Amazon charges tax on CA residents now because of the new Amazon tax law. So instead of ordering from Amazon by paying over $100 more of tax, I opted to order from B&H. I am guessing a lot of people did the same so B&H is still out of stock while Amazon has the kit in stock.

  • Richard

    Used it, really a sharp lens! Love the OIS on it too, I wonder if it has panning detection as no mention on it on the documentations/marketing text