XF14mm: first impressions at riflessifotografici


Massimiliano Angeloni went out for a walk with his new XF14mm (and X-PRO1). He will lead you through the wonderful streets of Rome. See his beautiful shots and read his first impressions here (translated version). His friend Donato Chirulli is working on a detailed review.

XF14mm in stock status: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama  / AmazonITA / ebay worldwide (via slidoo)

image courtesy: riflessifotografici

stairs photo stairs_zps2f72c926.jpg

monument 14mm photo monument_zps527593f5.jpg


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  • MJr

    Awesome, just awesome. Tho the stairs above didn’t really need that much added vignetting. It’s true that the angle of view can be a little difficult to work with at times, or unnatural. Things can turn out stretched, or just appear too far away. Wider is not always better, but it certainly makes for some special photo’s when the time is right. Especially with basically no distortion at all, the lines appear even stronger.

  • autoy

    This is a perfect lens for architecture, and it shows,

  • Andy

    Lovely shots, would love to know how he managed some of them. i could never manage what he has done in the high contrast scenes with my camera. Fuji X may be on my shopping list soon. And for the nut behind the camera, where can I purchase talent?

  • Imgurian

    I own the 14 and the 35 and they seem like a good combo.

    The 14 basically fills up the optical viewfinder, so it’s like shooting everything in your main vision (minus extreme peripheral vision). The 35 being about 50mm take what you see in the centre of your main vision. So you can either show what you see as a whole (14mm) or show what you’re focusing on (35mm). Good combo.

    I actually prefer the (FF equivalent) 35mm and 85mm lens combo but the 23 1.4 and the 56 1.4 aren’t out yet, so this is a good alternative combo.

    The 14mm is also good for street photography with zone focusing.