XF14mm at ebayUS (Buy Now) and AmazonUS (preorder) + review


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Slidoo notified me! The XF14mm is now available in the USA through ebay (direct link to ebay shop).

And now also Amazon US is listing the 14mm (not 3rd party). However quoting 1-3 months delivery. Click here to preorder.

The XF 14mm seems essentially free from any sort of field curvature, there is virtually no detectable chromatic aberration and only the barest hint of purple fringing along extremely high-contrast boundaries, for example, with power lines or branches against a white, blown out sky. Even the edges of the frame are essentially tack sharp wide open at f/2.8, with the extreme corners following by f/4 already.” Read more and see a lot of test shots (X-E1 and XF14mm) on Mike Manders website here.

Some samples of this “very, very sharp and distortion free” lens can be seen here at sgoldswoblog.

You know the quality of riflessifotografici reviews. Now, Massimiliano Angeloni has the 14mm and is shooting with it. Let’s wait for the results. In the meantime you can read his very first considerations here (translated version).

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XF14mm in stock status at AmazonUS/ B&H / Adorama / Amazon GERMANY / Amazon ITALY / or on ebay worldwide via slidoo


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  • George

    I got my 14mm Fujinon on Monday, and it’s incredibly good. It’s sharp, but so are my M mount 21mm lenses. What makes it special is its complete lack of distortion. I haven’t seen any, not even in raw, not even a hint of it. That leaves only the Zeiss 4.5/21 Biogon to compare to it. That one has purple fringing issues on the M9, but doesn’t have ghosts even if pointed at the sun. The Fujinon does have some ghosts, except perhaps at 2.8. They are hard to find though since it’s winter and the sun is mostly not strong enough. It got strong enough at my place for a few minutes yesterday, and then I saw the ghosts. Of course the OVF makes it rather easy to tame them. So overall, the Fujinon may well be considered the best 21mm equivalent digital camera lens at this time, at any price.

    Fortunately the Fujinon auto-focuses so quickly and reliably that the manual focus ring isn’t needed. That’s good, because that one aspect is more a gimmick than a feature. Its scale is too coarse, and so are its hard-step motor presets. Its infinity stop is two of those steps beyond infinity. It’s also easy to hit the ring by mistake. So, watch out for that.