X100s + X20 impressions at whatdigitalcamera (videos)


Here are part 1 and part 2 of the whatdigitalcamera interview with Jim Marks, who had his hands on both cameras (X100s and X20). To keep it short: well done Fuji :-)!

Thanks a lot for the links, Stefan!

… or click here for the article at the website of whatdigitalcamera.

part 1

part 2


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  • Renato S.

    I’m still not a Fuji user, but yet to be. And what stood out the most for me is exactly the same thing he said. The commitment Fuji has towards its cameras is like no other manufacturer, they release firmwares with actual improvements, not just lens update or bug correction. Their camera always have the best they can offer at the moment, they don’t hold back like Canon, for instance, always crippling some of their line ups in favor of another. They actually listen to consumers and implement what they ask for and so on and so on. Nowadays I can say, this is big, this commitment is really something I look for when I buy a camera. Unfortunately the video isn’t decent yet and there is no manual controls in video mode, but they already implemented the 1080p60 36mbps, so I know they will get there sooner than later. I’m looking forward to.

  • MK

    Marks’ comments hardly seem objective. He manages to take every negative point of the Fuji and turn it positive – without exception.

    The fact that he got a pre-production X100S from Fuji suggests he’s one of their ‘ambassadors’, which means he’s about as balanced as Brandon Remler when it comes to reviewing their stuff. This is fine, but we need objective reviews to make buying decision, not more PR puffery and marketing.

    Bring on the real reviews…

  • GWG

    I’m also quite amazed that he would put his name out there with these comments. The X-series are really excellent cameras, no doubt. But especially the X100 is still really quite behind the picture quality of a full frame, has functional limitations (including missing focus too often and often too slow to use as a main body professionally). And shooting a professional job in JPG where you can’t color correct afterwards (to name just one issue) seems quite surprising.

  • iM

    Doesn’t say much at all, reckons the X10 is good for taking shots of the families pet rodent, It is just a advertisement with no content

  • http://drawdogg.blogspot.com lainer

    There needs to be a part three where he explains what he likes and dislikes about each model, and how he is faring in actual jobs. What are the limitations. We geeky photographers like information, not just a Fuji Love Fest, which is what we have here. C’mon with a part three, even if it’s a personal video and not an interview.