X100s full size samples and X20 manual

 photo manual_zpscd8865a0.png


The users manual for X20 can be download from fujifilm.eu at this link here. (thanks Leo)

… the X100s manual is available here.

And for the X100s JPEG sample shots go to Fuji’s webiste here!

X100s: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / AmazonUK / AmazonDE /

X20: AmazonUS (blacksilver) / BHphoto (blacksilver) / Adorama (blacksilver) / AmazonUK (blacksilver) / ebayITA /  / AmazonDE / AmazonITA /

X100s sample shot at Fuji’s website

  • MJr

    I’m sorry Fuji but these are the worst samples ever. (at photographers fault) :(

    I’m heading back to http://fujifilm-x.com/photographers/en/ to feel better.

  • James M.S.

    You would think given all of the great photographers in the world (including those on their “X” photographers website) Fujifilm could provide better sample images.

    Dear Mr. Fuji – Why don’t you take a portion of your marketing budget and spend it on a decent photographer to create great sample images? You are only hurting yourselves and your camera’s reputation by providing substandard images for the public to view.

  • Krisms

    it’s surprising that the sample photos fuji have came up with do not have any pop nor soul… it’s almost like they just pulled a regular guy on the street and asked him to take pictures… i apologize as i do not mean to be rude nor inconsiderate, but given that the x100s is intended for people who understands and appreciates photography, their level of standard on these samples should have been above of what’s required for just say a regular consumer product. these samples do not give justice to the x100s’ capability.

    • http://michelmayerle.com Michel Mayerle

      I do absolutely agree! The X100s deserves way better sample images. These pictures are very poor. I am sure the camera is great. But with such images it is very hard to compel new users.

  • Will

    The key is in the title ‘Samples’.

  • Oz

    The photos are reasonable but not fantastic, a little dull. Then again glossy promo shots by canon etc can look all the same after awhile. It looks like it has good dynamic range

  • Billbo

    what, no raw samples?

    • Dr

      If they gave you RAW images for an as yet unreleased and unsupported RAW file, pray tell, how are you going to open them?

      I’d go with decent TIFFs instead :)

  • Darren

    Just IMHO, if sample images are taken by a great photog, then it’s more about the photography but not the camera. Sample images are meant to show the quality of the camera itself, not art.

  • gunzzel

    They are mostly dross, period. As the owner of an X100 who is looking to upgrade to the X100s, these would not inspire me to shell for the change-over. I agree with the other posts here. I wonder when we can start hearing from actual owners about the improved AF performance- that’s the main reason I want to upgrade…

  • Billbo

    x trans is good on paper, it’s been out well over 1 year now and no proper support exists. i hoped that fuji gave more support to all the existing frustrated xtrans owners instead of chasing for a even bigger croud of unhappy costumers.

    • http://www.lets-ride.de Rico Pfirstinger

      Well, it’s only 3 more days. I think I can wait till then… ;)

  • gunzzel

    I’ve posted on this before. Fuji simply cannot wait for 3rd party software developers- they seriously need to produce something for themselves, and give it away with every X-series camera as an added incentive for punters to switch from the Big Two.

    It should include a TIFF option, too, not just jpeg, so we can fiddle away in other applications on a less degraded image.
    It’s crazy having such a revolutionary sensor and chip with no post-support. It like swimming with one hand tied behind your back. I truly don’t understand their thinking here.

    Everyone agrees that the SOOC jpegs are sensational, but we want to use the same gorgeous filmic presets on the full-resolution RAW files. Otherwise, these X-seires cameras appear very overpriced against their dSLR competitors. $1300 for the X100s with no decent post-support is too much.

    It’s becoming a mantra of many Fuji converts like myself “I really wanted to love this camera, but…”

  • c0ldc0ne

    Any particular reason why these were shot in Amsterdam?

  • http://www.frederickcorcoran.com deren48

    once again terrible choice of sample images for what looks like an incredible camera.I was of the same opinion when the x100 was launched as they quality of imagery on fuji z100 website was awful.i still bought the camera.