X100S and X20 video reviews at RalfsFotoBude


Here is Ralf’s X100S unboxing & review in English (German review). Amazing and outstanding image quality, very good also at high ISO and details. The image quality is also a little better than the X-E1, because “the pictures have a little bit more contrast and just a little bit less noise than the X-E1, but the difference is very very low.”… Take a look also at his Flickr X100S set here.

In the next video (German version) Ralf reviews the X20. The X10 was already a very good camera. But Fuji improved it. It’s not that huge improvement [as for the X100S], but there are a lot of nice and new functions in the X20 (focus peaking, OFV with Trans Panel, X-TRANS, EXR II, a bit faster AF…), so it’s worth to buy this camera, although the X10 is still really good, and you could save a lot of money if you go for the X10. Here is his X20 Flickr set.

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X10: Amazon, Adorama, DigitalRev, J&R, B&H, eBay


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  • MarcoSartoriPhoto

    This is one of the most complete reviews I’ve ever seen. Well done mr. Ralf!

  • http://www.ralfs-foto-bude.de Ralfs Foto-Bude

    Thanks for sharing my videos.

  • Gordon

    I agree! Very helpful. In fact, it was so well organized and choreographed that I have a sneaky suspicion that he MAY have had that X100s out of the box for a while before the ‘unboxing’. 😉 Great work, Ralf.

  • http://www.ralfs-foto-bude.de Ralfs Foto-Bude

    Thanks for sharing.
    @Gordon: Yes, you are right. Usually I make an Unboxing-Video and some days later my Review-Video. Because of the high interest of the X100S I startet out of the box immediately with the test to save time. After two full days of testing and taking pictures I combined the Unboxing- and Review-Video.

  • Jonathan

    Great review! Being able to look through the viewfinder and see the different between the hybrid and EVF was fantastic. I can’t wait to get mine.

  • Joris

    Very best overall walk thru of this camera I’ve come across on the net.
    No inflated words that the N-American reviewers often like to use, like ‘awesome’ ‘fantastic’ etc.
    A breath of fresh air, this no-nonsense approach.

    Now let’s hope my pre-order for this camera gets fulfilled quickly for this fantastic and awesomest camera ever :)

  • Aleste

    I don’t mind the hyperbolic expressions. This camera is awesome!

  • Nipsy