X-E1 firmware 1.02 coming soon?


Our reader Georg just received his X-E1. He checked his firmware version. Take a look at the image above. Body version firmware 1.02. He sent me a link to this German Forum, where another guy claims to have the 1.02 firmware.

I checked Fujis site, but the 1.02 firmware is still not available there (click here).

This could mean that Fuji is about to release the new firmware update soon. But, as Georg says: “one bumper: there is still no selectable shutter speed in auto iso.

Thanks Georg, and leave a comment if you also have the 1.02 firmware on your X-E1

P.S.: set minimum shutter speed in auto ISO is leading our X-series future improvements wish list poll. Keep on voting. Choose 3 options.

wish list: Fuji future improvements

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  • Roberto

    I also had the “minimum shutter speed in auto Iso” as top requirement initially, but now, after having had the X-E1 for some time, I would rather put the focus peaking first.

  • Georg

    seems like a minor update to me


    set minimum shutter speed when in Auto-ISO -> NO
    focus peaking -> NO
    bring up the ISO using the Fn then change it with the wheel -> NO
    thumbwheel is under utilized: engage it also for Drive, AE, Fn menus, General menu -> NO
    choice of lowest and highest ISO setting for Auto ISO -> NO
    live-view image while you change the settings in the Quick Menu (White Balance, Dynamic Range…) -> NO
    change aperture while the focus is locked -> NO

    Not yet tested:
    use exposure comp when using auto ISO
    accurate framelines and dynamic frame guidelines in OVF
    faster autofocus
    instant preview when using in-camera RAW conversion
    better video bitrate

  • http://khoral.blogspot.com khoral

    I have to admit, I’m still uncertain why that absence of minimum shutter speed is such an issue (but then again I very seldom use automatic modes on the X-Pro1… the whole point of Fuji X to me is the extended manual control).

  • http://slicesoflifeimages.wordpress.com Marty

    I’m told that the update will resolve the issue of a high pitched noise (metal on metal) that sometimes occurs when OIS is engaged, especially in mode 2.

  • http://vam.nu vam

    My X-E1 arrived last weekend and it also has firmware 1.02. I don’t know how was it like before but I’m quite satisfied with the AF speed of the 35/1.4 lens and it can even focus in almost darkness where the Nikon D90 cannot and with OK speed.

  • http://vam.nu vam

    I’d like to add two more things to the list which I miss the most:

    1) The ability to turn off live view boost in M mode. I have to change the way I shoot because of this absence.

    2) The ability to show the blown out parts live on the screen like the E-M5 can.

    Apart from these, I’m already in love with this camera.

  • http://miguelemele.blogspot.com/ Miguel Emele

    Suport new lenses?

  • Jason

    They really need to put better video in their cameras.

    It’s not an expensive thing to achieve.

    They are failing to compete with the old cheap GF1, which produces amazing video for a little camera.

    Granted it’s not the #1 option for Pro users, but it would widen the appeal enormously.

    • Jim Baker

      Where can I get my hands on an X-e1 so I can see if I like the size shape and controls, before I spend my thousand bucks? I live over 1000 miles from either coast of the USA

  • tom

    the most important thing is af point selection
    please add this new feature

    1.Quick AF Selection ON/OFF

    OFF is default,which is af button must be pressed to change af point

    ON is the new setting which is The 4-way selector should allow to move the points without pressing af button,in this case macro button is moved to af button


    2.Add AF button function to fn button,this should allow us to use right hand to change af point

  • Cluster

    I’ve the 1.02.
    X-E1 bought on 15th in Vienna.

  • http://blogg.hogbergphotography.com Danonino

    Hm.. the most important thing that should be fixed, THE VIEWFINDER LAG!! Sony does not have that lag on the Nex 7. This is why Im not buying Fuji X-E1.

    • patrick

      the wish list poll concerns only improvements that can be done through firmware updates. But I agree with you. The EVF lag is annoying. A flippable rear screen with better resolution would be nice… Should make another poll

  • Gary

    The update is probably for the new 14mm lens due out in the early new year

  • Cluster

    instant preview when using in-camera RAW conversion -> NO

  • Sean

    My top picks would be
    1) set a min shutter speed with auto ISO
    2) focus peaking
    3) be able to shoot video in manual exposure and be able to change aperture/ISO/shutter speed without stopping
    4) be able to shoot video in manual focus and refocus mid-video by pressing the AF-L button – will stop the hunting

  • Gary S.

    Nice feature: the electrical release through a 2.5mm jack, simply compatible with Canon and Pentax remotes.
    Less nice: you can control focusing alone, but you can’t release the shutter without focusing again. Not always what you wish.

    Should not be more serious than a small bug. Let’s wait for 1.02 firmware.

  • Allan

    Couldn’t find a place to vote…

    1) Improved low light AF
    2) Focus Peaking

  • Simon

    I’ve just purchased 2 X-E1s and they are both at 1.02 as in the photo above.


  • http://Www.caseyhyer.com Casey Hyer

    This video is worst in its class. Seriously it needs to be improved. Higher bitrate and better AF.