Walimex/Samyang 8mm 2.8 fish-eye lens with native Fuji X-Mount

What you see here above is just 2/3 of the whole image. If the photographer had published the whole picture, then you could have seen his shoes! That’s the 8mm focal length of the Walimex 2.8 fish-eye lens for Fuji X-mount.

what a stretched depth!


Another Fujirumor follower send me an email. This time it’s a Walimex 8mm 2.8 fish-eye lens on a X-PRO1! Read his experience and see the pictures here. (translated version) Also this time I made a short translation for you.

This are some extracts of his short review:

This Walimex 8mm 2.8 fish-eye lens is a MF lens with no electronic contact that transfers lens setting information to your camera, so there is no EXIF data. It’s a very compact lens, like the 35mm 1.4 of Fuji (click here to see the Fuji lens). You don’t need any lens mount adapter. He takes the images with a X-PRO1 in JPEG.

The image quality is absolutely amazing, with great colors and, as the tester says: “for me the sharpness is more than enough!” Sometimes he had some lens flares, especially with the sun in 45° to the lens, but with such a lens they are not that easy to avoid.

All in all he really recommends this lens. It’s fun to shoot with it!

To see his pictures on flickr click here.

The lens in this test is available at ebay-Germany (the seller delivers worldwide. Thanks for this clarification, Colin) right now, in black and silver (see them here on slidoo) or directly in ebay.de: Walimex pro 8/2.8 fish-eye black and in silver.

Here there are more Walimex lenses I found via slidoo.com (click here to see them all)

For the UK market, our reader Kim sent me the AmazonUk link to the Walimax lenses (click here)

There are more fish-eye lenses for your X-series, available also in USA. Take a look at this super-wide lens for your Fuji X here.

PS.: For another review with the Samyang 8mm click here.





  • Carsten

    The Walimex are just rebranded Samyangs. So the Walimex 8mm is identical to the Samyang 8mm.

  • Colin

    Why do you say that the lens is “available only at ebay-Germany”? There’s no such thing as only being available on eBay Germany. Any item on eBay is visible on all local eBay sites. The only difference is that some sellers don’t deliver worldwide. That depends on the individual seller, not on the local eBay site. And it doesn’t even apply in this case – this seller does deliver worldwide.

    • patrick

      thanks. posted a clarification

  • http://northbound.gl Mads Pihl

    I’ve got the Rokinon version (same lens, basically, as all the other Samyang/Walimex/etcs) of this lens for the x-mount and it is such a joy to shoot with.

    Night skies and action sports are a lot of fun, and on 6fps and no worries about autofocus it turns the x-pro1 into a pretty decent sports camera for close-up work.