Updated X-Photographers websites (with X100s and X20 samples)

To be frank: the X100s and X20 sample shots at Fuji’s website are not that good. I agree with MJR, who said in the comments: “I’m sorry Fuji but these are the worst samples ever. (at photographers fault) :( I’m heading back to http://fujifilm-x.com/photographers/en/ to feel better.

So, take a look at the dedicated X-Photographers pages (with X100s and X20 samples) here. Just look worldwide for them!


X100s: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / AmazonUK / AmazonDE /

X20: AmazonUS (blacksilver) / BHphoto (blacksilver) / Adorama (blacksilver) / AmazonUK (blacksilver) / ebayITA /  / AmazonDE / AmazonITA /

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  • Vernon

    David Airob’s video really shows how great the IQ of the X100S is. At one point he takes a photo, that I thought was edited but it looks the same on his camera. As if it was perfect out of the camera.

  • MJr

    Yeah, down here we say what we think. ;) It’s almost as if Fuji listened. Working all day/night scrambling to get the photos online early from the photographers that they had send out onto the streets with preproduction cameras in the past weeks. Fun stuff. Nice video’s too at the end of a couple new sets.

    ps. In the past with fuji x cameras, new samples were added to (and/or deleted from) the official sample gallery in the first weeks. So there might be some better examples to inspect at full res a while later.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/thesardoniciconic/ the sardonic iconic

    Thankful for some portraits taken with the X20, but would love to see ISO100 images that push dynamic range. I would seriously love to put the X20 through it’s paces.

    (My X10 photostream)

  • Jason

    Am very interested to read reviews on this device!

    x-Pro2 should be on the cards for an announcement this year, given some of the features in the x100s

    Also – the video improvements will be very interesting to see. Should filter up to the XE1 and XPro with software updates?