Tiny 2/3 inch sensor for the large X-mount. A waste of space?


[UPDATE]: Please read the updated post here.

Latest rumors floating around the web do say that Fuji will release a 2/3 inch sensor and X-mount entry level camera in July. While it seems pretty sure that a entry level camera is coming I am not sure that the 2/3 inch sensor digicame-info rumor is correct. But if it is then I don’t get it why a super small 2/3 inch sensor should be used within the much larger X-mount. As you see from the image on top there is an incredible “waste of space”. I would rather make a new mount for that to reduce the mount and the overall camera size.

As I said, we talk about rumors and not about facts. But I want to hear from you guys if there is something I am missing here…



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  • tim

    Makes no sense, neither would a new smaller mount.

    Could be 2:3 aspect ratio.

    Could be a replacement for the XF1 (no interchangeable lens)

    Could be a Fuji rep having a bit of fun :-)

  • http://www.fujixspot.com/f34/ Rico Pfirstinger

    And we are back in Hilariousland…

  • Henrik

    Nope, that won’t work with any of their lenses, and It’ll just be a total waste.

    • Adrian

      It would, but it would be pointless…

      • Antonio G

        Funny theory… why would they produce such a camera? Just imagine the regular XF lens necessary to work as a UWA on this sensor!

  • Eddie

    Maybe it is the X20 with interchangeable lenses with new smaller mount?

  • http://www.ejphoto.com E.J.

    Anything smaller than a 1″ (2.7x crop) sensor is a waste of time in this space IMHO.

  • kuishinbou

    I doubt it…they would have to be stupid to do that. Who cares about small sensors. And, if they are deferring the X-Pro 2 release for something as pointless as that, they are clueless and will likely have another poor year with respect to sales. If the sensor is smaller than APS-C and the camera does not have manual controls, it would be silly – they already have the X-20 for those customers. They need a high-performance X-series camera (X-Pro 2 or X-E2), and that should be their focus. Until then, they will not achieve their potential sales of cameras or lenses…

    If true, poor marketing, in my opinion. More than likely it is not true – just like the original rumour that the X-Pro 2 would be announced in a few months, which is unfortunately not true…

    I guess there will be no high-performance mirrorless systems until at least 2014 – the mirrorless market is still immature; and, we still need to wait, as everyone is wasting time with fixed focal length cameras and small sensor, cheap cameras, rather than on high-quality system cameras…

    Oh well – the DSLR is definitely not dead yet!

  • http://www.streetphotographix.com Paul

    As it’s time for comedy, instead of 2/3″ maybe they meant 2 1/3 inches (two and one third), like close to medium format… Hasselblad eat your heart out :) an almost MF X-Trans sensor body for just $550. In their dreams :)


    • Antonio G

      I don’t see your point…$550 for a MF entry model wouldn’t be that cheap as it looks more like the price level of mid range MF digital cameras…unless this is a kit price… :p

  • http://www.majid.info/ Fazal Majid

    The Coolpix A and Ricoh GR show the way – the days af sub-APS sensored cameras are numbered, as they are not sufficiently differentiated from smartphones to survive.

    • kuishinbou

      I agree. Perhaps Nikon or Ricoh will introduce APS-C or larger interchangeable lens mirrorless cameras. That would make the mirrorless market much more interesting, especially considering they are both offering cameras without the AA filter, similar to Fuji. Yes, the days for smaller than APS-C sized sensors appears to be numbered – there will be no need for M4/3 in the future…

  • Renato S.

    let’s suppose it’s true, I wonder what Fuji would be trying to do here, unless it has something completely new and special, I fail to see the reason for this camera existence.

  • cgw

    I’m guessing this is utter malarkey. Would like to think Fuji is smarter than Nikon whose teensy-sensor CX cameras require a potential dead-end line of lenses compatible with nothing else. Thanks to poor sales, Nikon began discounting the whole CX line embarrassingly soon after its debut. Would Fuji knowingly fall into this hole?

    Suspect we’ll see a 24mp X-Trans in the APS-C X series updates and maybe, just maybe, a full-frame thereafter. What’s wrong with the X20?

  • David Cartier

    Why is this even considered a topic for discussion? Somewhere, someone is laughing now…

  • Gaffman

    I don’t see the sensor quality of 2/3″ as the biggest issue… its the compatibility with existing XF lenses. With such a huge crop factor on a tiny sensor, it would render the existing XF lens lineup almost entirely useless.

    The only thing I can seem MAYBE working is if Fuji employed a focal reducer adapter (like the new Metabones Speed Booster to shape the image circles down to something remotely useful on a 2/3 sensor. But is that too much effort and technical nonsense for what is meant to be an entry X camera?

    If they want to compete in the lower end with the Olympus EPL’s/EPM’s and Sony NEX 5/3, they need to keep the APS-C chip. Leave off the phase detect if need be, drop the EVF and possibly even the shoe. In that segment the screen will need to tilt, a necessary evil.

    Maybe Fuji have some tricks up their sleeve? We wait and see :)

    • BdV

      If they’d build a focal reducer into the camera body… but that would just be too tiny specific niche market oriented, wouldn’t it? I see more sense in a tiny body around a tiny sensor.

      By the way, tiltable: I just love it since I stopped hating it.

  • Sylvain

    I doesn’t make sense as we already have the very good X20.
    I’d suggest Fuji to make a version of the X20 instead with a 1 inch sensor (like the Sony X100)
    A Digital view finder with 100% coverage. A new battery, an articulated screen and better flash.
    I would also be smart to add some features such as Grain option for BW and film modes.add more film mode options.

  • Peter

    maybe it’s a Fujifilm smartphone camera coming :)

  • Wen

    wow, they just figured a way to make the 60mm a true macro lens!
    just kidding, I find this rumor hard to believe=)

  • Jason

    My only thought is that a cheap body will boost the audience for existing lenses

    Which is good, as it would mean the X ecosystem will be supported by more sales.

    BUT who would spend money on a pro lens only to put on a cheap sensor…. Better off buying a point and shoot.

  • Caderyn

    The only x-mount camera entry level that makes sense to me would be a xe-1 without the evf (along with x-trans II etc).

    Would make the Fuji line up similar to Olympus and Sony in this regard.

  • Mistral75

    Digital Camera Info specifies that a mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses, equipped with a 2/3″ sensor, is to be announced this summer and that it would come in between Pentax Q/Q10 (1/2.3″ sensor) and Nikon 1 (1″ sensor).

    They are therefore speaking about two cameras to be announced this summer:

    1. The entry level, APS-C sensor, X-mount Fujifilm “X-M1″ priced around ¥70,000 / $700 / €550
    2. A brand new system camera with interchangeable lenses, a 2/3” sensor and probably a new mount.

  • http://fabrizzi-alex.tumblr.com/ Fabrizzi.alex

    I do not believe this rumor to system 2/3 of an inch on a body proX
      but we will certainly have a Xpro2 within one year and not before, Fuji works on full frame! that in a future may be the evolution X-pro