the sexy one goes glamour


image courtesy: nikonland.eu

The founder of nikonland.eu sent me two links to his X-E1 reviews.

I’m Rudolf the administrator and founder of nikonian’s italian website Nikonland. In the last weeks I’m fall in love for the Fujifilm X-E1 and I wrote a couple of review :
Fifty Shades of freedom : test della Fujilm X-E 1 (translated version) and The Sexy One goes Glamour (translated version)

As the name of his website suggests, normally he takes his shots with a Nikon… since 30 years. But now he was tempted by the new X-E1. So he took some shots in his studio.

The camera is really great. Great pictures. Did he miss his good old Nikon DSRL?… Well, when the set is getting dark (low light and black background), he really missed his Nikon because he had problems with the EVF lag and the focus.

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  • http://www.pauldale.info Paul Dale

    ‘….problems with the EVF lag and the focus.’

    Same as it ever was!

    • MJr

      Oh well, nothing can be perfect.
      And there’s too much awesomeness to ignore.
      Focus is improving with each body and update tho. They’ll get there …

  • Peter

    I own an X-Pro 1 with the latest firmware, and a 35 f/1,4 lens. I haven’t refresh the firmware on the lens yet. Yes, the autofocus is not as fast as on my DSLR (D7000) but it is more accurate (sorry), and I have no problem. Of course it isn’t so fast, but I’m not a an action shooter….. So I love my X-Pro more than my D7000…..That is the truth.

  • Jean

    But.. why insisting in giving sexual connotations to a camera?!? it’s a remarkable machine.. even the most skeptical know it, but it does not require similar associations .. let’s fly high with threads like the camera does in image quality, please

  • Ken

    How about a NSFW warning on some of those links! (lol)

  • http://www.weinmafia.de Brunello

    I also love my X-E1 but there is one thing I am not understanding at all:

    Fuji gave us the feeling of using one of this 70s or 80s SLRs, they gave us a

    – wonderful aperture dial
    – a superb shutter-time dial
    – and an Auto-ISO Function

    right? Okay – why did they not implement somenting linke this:
    – choose Auto-ISO whatever
    – select your Aperture
    – select your minimum shutter-time

    Voila! The camera should just USE the selected aperture, the selected time and adopt ONLY the ISO-Level. How could the engineers forget such a simple yet useful feature on a camera that was made for analog usage by design???