The Fuji Trinity + WOW review: part 2


X-E1 Trinity

The blog fujifilm-x-opinions.net just posted the second part of his “Trinity” review. X-PRO1 vs X-E1 vs X-100. How is the autofocus performance in low light? Click here ti read it.

And a few days ago I posted the X-PRO1 part 1… WOW! (click here) review. Now ianmacmicheal posted his second part, and it’s WOW again! Read it here! The camera isn’t great or good… it’s excellent! Look at his “real life” shots in a restaurant, read about the high ISO performance and his Lightroom workflow.


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  • http://www.monochromatique.com Daniel

    Please, no more testings… I have understood, I need a Premium-X body with lenses ! :)

    • Photograber!

      Patrick can’t just produce news & romurs himself ! and hey when there isn’t any news it’s fun to read reviews and see some samples 😉

      • Fly Moon

        Well said photographer. Yeah, do you want admin to create rumours out if his a$$?

      • admin

        Did you actually read the recent X20 and X200 rumors?