Rumor Update X100 replacement: new name and new sensor


Fuji CES invite

Ok. I already told you of the imminent replacement of the X-100, as written in an article at f11.

According to rumors from trusted sources I recently got, I can confirm that there will be an X100 replacement with X-Trans sensor.


The X100 replacement will not have the name X200. And everything will be better! Better AF, better hybrid viewfinder, better operating speed… and the same sensor of the X-PRO1! It took me some time to check it, but now I can say that the lens will remain the 23mm f/2.

That’s all for now! I don’t know the name of this camera, but maybe you could make some guess in the comments.

ONE MORE THING: As you can see from the invitation-image (source petapixel) there will be an announcement at January 7. Fujirumors will follow this event step by step. So stay tuned, I’ll continuously update my site to keep you up to date.

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  • BdV

    Sounds like a must have is on it’s way.

    Same lens… are you sure they didn’t make it just a little bit faster? 23 1.7? Or even 1.4?

    • patrick


    • MJr

      That would probably hurt the lens quality, not just wide-open but at F2 and stopped down as well, at least if it’s going to stay small. Otherwise it would be a big piece of glass like on the Sony RX1, and don’t think they would risk changing a proven concept (the x100) that much. It needs to stay compact if they want to keep even the X-E1/Pro1 owners interested in it as a second camera. 😉

  • dave

    Oh! My 5D2 is on auction at the moment. Should I get the Canon 6D or the X100 replacement? Torture… :-)

    • MJr

      X100 (and X110 maybe) is no DSLR replacement, it’s complementary. :)

      • dave

        That’s what I suspected…. So I have to creep to my wife and have to explain the new priorities in our family budget.

        • MJr

          There are 35mm lenses that go for the price of a whole X100 or it’s replacement even, so you know, you get the camera for free really. 😉

  • Wen

    Please make F/2 sharp @ close range, cross fingers

    • dave

      That’s what I suspected…. So I have to creep to my wife and have to explain the new priorities in our family budget.

  • Andy

    I was considering getting the sony rx1 but now think i’ll wait to see how this new fuji turns out. I just feel that the rx1 is too compromised in many key areas; I see it as a technical excercise to cram a full frame sensor into a small body rather than a great useable camera. I certainly don’t expect the x100 replacement to match the rx1 in terms of IQ but there’s more to a camera than purely IQ.

    IMO the main benefits of x100 are:

    Its thinner. Both cameras will fit into a large pocket but rx1 will bulge out more with the larger lens.
    Built in evf. Sure you can stick an EVF onto the rx1 but then it’s awkwardly shaped and no longer compact.
    Cheaper. While I can afford to buy the rx1, I would be constantly worrying about damaging it etc.
    Controls – I much prefer shutter and aperture dial with “A” position rather than the conventional PASM modes.
    Battery life (i think)

    One thing that would prevent me from getting the new camera is if they intentionally engineer it to not be better than the xpro1/xe1 e.g using lower res screen/vf when there is better available.

    • MJr

      All valid points. There’s nothing like full-frame, but i would wait and see what Fuji comes up with indeed. Really all the X100 needs is a small fix up and they’re golden if you ask me. Sensor, EVF, Autofocus, Manual Focus, and done.

      • BdV

        How about adding a new battery? And I’m also very curious about shape and size.

        • MJr

          I wouldn’t mind a touch of modern either. Like the X-E1. :)

          Admin: Do you expect many or any changes in design ?

          • patrick

            I’ve fired off some emails ;-)… if I get infos about the design I’ll post it

  • david

    What a post to find… came home and the X100 arrived today … now to read this …
    Glad I got the X100 … the “new” X100 sounds great but would want to wait 6 months for all the bugs to get worked out before I buy one … Think I will enjoy and learn to shoot the wonderful little camera … Who know maybe when i will be ready for a other camera Fuji will have a full frame camera out with the hybrid view finder…

    • Gaffman

      X100 is a wonderful little camera David, you should be pleased with your purchase :)

      I’ll certainly keep an eye on the new announcement as a possible backup to my X-E1 =D

      Its just a great time to be a Fuji shooter. Just hurry up with the XF14mm goddammit :)

      • Eric Duminil

        I received my X-100 from ebay two days ago.
        It was a pretty nice deal (620€ with flash, adapter, leather case and hood), probably thanks to the incoming announcement.
        I was kinda disappointed at first, but the X100 really is a great camera and it’s a huge pleasure to hold and shoot.
        As you said, I’d rather have the X100 with 1,3 firmware now as a X200 with 0.9 in six months.
        Enjoy your camera! 😀

  • Val

    Now I’m really glad that I’ve bought the Fujifilm X-E1 with a 35mm 1.4 lens instead the X100. My next purchase will either be a 23mm f/?? lens or the X100 successor if the focal length will stay at 23mm. A 35mm and 50mm equivalent is all I need right now :)

  • Jay

    Possible new name for the camera: XEst 1

  • Peter

    I hope Fuji and Adobe will allocate more resources to improve the RAW processing now that there’s a third camera with the X-Trans sensor.

    • Photograber!

      well said Peter (let’s hope so)

  • Avitus

    My guess is that it will be called the X-100S. I wouldn’t be surprised if it had a on-chip phase AF system either.

  • Strokesofdigital

    I guess a little part of me was hoping you said 35mm f2 instead of 23mm f2 lol

  • c.d.embrey

    How about a X100 replacement WITHOUT the hybrid viewfinder. Sorta like an X-E1.