REVIEW: Samyang 300mm f/6.3 mirror lens for Fuji X + IN STOCK: X-M1 at AmazonDE/ITA

  • Jacob

    Here you can get the X-M1 body only for EUR 606.91 and with kit lens for EUR 717.07


    • Peter

      Jacob is that eshop reliable? Where is it located? In UK?

    • Me

      DigitalLand is another website buying from Hong Kong, shipping from UK, hence not paying VAT.

      Good luck getting your camera covered by Fuji official warranty if you buy in one of these “Grey Market ScamStore” !

      Every time you see a way better than normal price in Google Shopping or in many of the “deal” sites, you can bet that’s a Hong Kong based e-Shop…

      • tim

        Fuji warranty is global, they only care that you have a receipt. Interestingly, the warranty is longer in some countries, Germany is 24 months, UK is 12.

        Makes you wonder.

        Anyway, it looks like a UK webshop based on shipping data. Original product is from Hong Kong, so 2 weeks delivery time. A German web shop, reputable, is listing them from 679 body only. The price will fall a lot over the next 3 months if you can wait.

        Lots of new cameras should be announced Sep/Oct … maybe even Fuji joins the fun, that sensor is almost 2 years old now.