Prototype: carbon fiber grips to ennoble your X-camera


You wanna pimp your X-camera? Then maybe you could be interested in this kind of rumor…

HRR Manufaktur is a company specialized in individual upgrades and ennoblement of different products. One of the next projects is to offer customized parts for Fuji cameras (or even completely modified cameras). In this post you can see some images of early prototype samples of X-Pro1 grips that replace the original rubber grip on the camera.

The price for a hand grip will likely be 89 €. For a fully upgraded camera (including the original camera, but not a lens) the price should be of below 3000 €. The company can do almost anything with any product, but the main focus regarding Fuji for now is on the X-PRO1 and the X-E1.

These replacements will be available in classic Carbon Fibre, but also in different colours and other styles/materials.

You can see a fully HRR customized Leica M9 on the website leicarumors.com here.

P.S.: You’d like to ennoble your X-E1 spending just a few pennies? I’ve already posted how to do it here. 😉
hand grip 1

hand grip 2

hand grip 3


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  • http://www.trimar.ch Duque

    Well nice to see some Handgrips, let’s hope they are as protruding then the additional handgrip from Fuji, would be nice to just replace the handgrip plate and have a gripy cam.

  • http://vam.nu vam

    These are nice if you use your camera as a fashion accessory rather than a photograhic tool.

    There is one enhancement which really adds to the X cameras: the soft release button. With it, I can use my X-E1 easily even with leather gloves when it’s really cold.

    • http://www.trimar.ch Duque

      If the hand”grip” is the same as the fuji one. Then yes it is only a fashion accessory.
      But if it sticks out more then it might be worth the replacement.

      We’ll see soon enough, but it does look like it’s exactly the same :(

      • niels

        According to their website they will offer both. A simple replacement and one with an protruding grip.

      • http://vam.nu vam

        It looks like the same but with fashionable textures. If it would be something like Fuji’s own grip accessory with a non flashy material and at a nice price, I would definately get one.

        • HRR

          The ones on the pictures showing only the replacement ones, that is correct. But in march 2013 the other version will be available, too. They also will be replacing the rubber part in the front, but they will be thicker including an additional grip and priced at 95 Euro.

      • http://vam.nu vam
        • http://www.trimar.ch Duque

          Yep, looks great
          Personally I wouldn’t mind the black carbon texture, but that’s pretty much the only version I’d put on a X-Whatever….

  • Raytheon

    Almost as ridiculous as the ruthenium pimped M9. Shakes head.
    It won’t be long now comrades….

    • klehmann

      +1 – well, to each his own i suppose – who are we to ‘judge’;o))

  • AM


    3 words

  • Hexx

    Is it the same company responsIble for pimped Nex 7.. Ehm… Hasselblad?

  • Ryan

    Them look sweet! The brown or black would look great on the black

  • Ryan

    Them look sweet! The brown or black would look great on the black

  • Selsk

    So replace grippy rubber with slippy carbon fiber? NEGS!!!