Nikon A vs X100S (ISO) + Video comparison: X100S vs NikonA vs RicohGR


1) Cameralabs compared the X100S with the Nikon A and we have (again) a clear winner: the X100S with his X-Trans sensor:

“Compared with the COOLPIX A, at the lower ISO settings, the X100S looks a little sharper, but in noise terms there’s little to choose between them with the COOLPIX A’s 100 ISO crop a close match for the X100S’s 200 ISO. At 400 ISO it’s still a pretty close call, but at 800 ISO it looks to me like there’s noticeably more noise in the COOLPIX A crop. At 1600 ISO there’s clearly more texture in the wall, the text panel looks softer and the edge detail is beginning to crumble on the COOLPIX A crop where the X100S is still holding strong.

But read more and see all the ISO-comparison shots here at cameralabs.

No need to tell you which images comes from the X100S X-Trans sensor 😉

 photo comparison_zps36bceece.png

2) Mike Kobal posted his video comparison of the X100SNikonA and RicohGR at his website here.


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  • MJr

    It’s 35mm versus 28mm, that’s not fair man. Things are smaller with a wide-angle. 😛

  • Fabio Amodeo

    And the Nikon has a better lens. Noise is noto everything in life.

    • Wen

      sharpness is everything then?

    • MJr

      I don’t know about that. But neither is bad so it ain’t really relevant to the many much more practical differences to consider. They may both have a fast prime on relatively small apsc body, but other than that they are as different as can be.

      • MJr

        And you can’t just go 28mm when you really prefer 35mm because it may or may not get a better score.

  • Dim

    Take a look at this test from DxOMark about the Ricoh GR amazing 28mm equiv lens:


    Extremely sharp from f/2.8. The x100s lens begin from f/2 but you see sharp images from f/4 and above!
    Ricoh GR costs $797 and the x100s $1299! This is a $500 price difference!
    I don’t see any point comparing this two cameras at all…

    Noise performance is not the essence of photography!

    • Goofball Jones

      Okay, that’s great that it’s got a great score on the DxOMark, but compared to what X-camera? The opinion you give about the X100s has to be personal and anecdotal, because DxOMark still can’t wrap their heads around the X-Trans sensor in the X100s and XPro-1 and X-E1….so they have no scores or analysis there on those cameras yet.