New X PRO 1 ISO test at Focus Numerique!


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The french website Focus Numerique (Click here) posted a full X PRO 1 ISO test. The conclusions: Up to ISO 1.600 noise is almost invisible. At 3.200 ISO grain is very fine and there is a just a little color noise. A larger chromatic noise is only visible starting from 12.800 ISO. Focus Numerique writes that thei are truly impressed by that result!

Can’t wait to see more tests soon!

P.S.: Hands-on at Photographybay (Click here).


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  • Unfortunately those images have excessive noise reduction applied (presumably in camera) and thus are not really suitable for evaluating ISO performance. Guess we’ll have to wait for a full test on dpreview…

  • I see them as a quite good indication.
    Sure a bit more details can be drawn from RAW but performance is quite indicative between different values. :-)

    • DAMN that’s literally €800 to expensive. Realistically speaking…

  • after reading linked Photographybay article I’m more convinced that there were several versions of prototypes or different FW. In the linked article they mention “The AF seems fast and snappy. And the overall performance of the camera is as fast as you would expect from a pro-level camera.”


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