New Fuji X PRO 1 tests and image samples


Fuji produced that first “professional” movei shot with the Fuji X PRO 1. Of course what you see is a for youtube compressed video and it’s difficult to judge the real quality. Anyway, basd on the secs I don’t expect the Fuji to be a top video performer. Anyway, I guess most of you are more interested to get the cameras to take photos and not video. That’s why it may be better to look those new image samples instead:
At Nikkei Japan (Click here) at Zol China (Click here) and Pixinfo Hungary (Click here).


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  • http://johnsmith-johnsimages.blogspot.com/ John Smith

    I wonder about the skill of the camera people here. I saw their comparison work with a Mamiya 645 using Velvia film and the X-Pro1 and the X-Pro1 pictures were soft and awkward compared to the medium format film camera. I have been following the sites where photographers have been showing their results. Some have been jaw dropping beautiful, and some have been less than sensational. The still shots from this photo shoot have been the most disappointing so far. There is room to rejoice regarding the less than spectacular video results. This is a STILL CAMERA and it shall be used as such.

    • Christopher M

      The video looks 50x better than my vintage 2007 JVC Everio camcorder. That’s all I need to know

    • DR

      “The still shots from this photo shoot have been the most disappointing so far. ”

      Its important to note that there were several photographers shooting with X-Pro1 at the railway station set. Some knew what they were doing, some clearly did not. Fuji had a ‘Please Excuse’ note listing 17 faults with the pre-production gear available, and that included the 18mm lens.

      One photographer who was there and certainly appears to know how to shoot an X-Pro1 is this guy, flysurfer:


      The video is clearly not the reason anyone will buy this camera, but it’s not horrible either…