[UPDATE:] Look inside the X-E1 EVF

[UPDATE:] I received an email from the person that made the first video. This time he also takes shots through the EVF. Look here the new video

There is much interest around how good (or bad) the EVF of the new X-E1 (click here) really is. Is there a lag or even a freeze that blocks the camera from doing anything for a second or… there is a lively discussion in the comments to this post of fujirumors (click here).

You can see how the EVF performs in bright sunshine in this youtube video (click here). I think he should have taken some shots to understand better how the EVF performs.

There is another video of someone taking shots through the X-E1 viewfinder that you can see here on youtube (click here)!

Now, does these to videos clear up this issue? Leave a comment.

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  • He did some additional videos while taking a couple shots. Hope this helps.

    Low light: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9MIu7nxeoc&feature=plcp

    General Demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMnOuH64n24&feature=plcp

  • I was the one who took the video of the EVF in bright sunlight. I can confirm that there is no freeze after taking a photo. The camera comes with the 1.5 second preview feature enabled, which causes a small freeze while the preview image is accessed and then displayed in the EVF. In some of the other videos on YouTube their appears to be a freeze because this feature is enabled and there is no SD card in the camera.
    When you get the X-E1, simply go to the menu and disable the preview feature. I disabled it before taking the following video…

  • From the second video it looks that the camera takes too much time after the shot to give the image back in EVF. I hope that it’s a problem generated by the absence of the memory card. I hope. Really.
    from the first video, if it’s not edited, it seems exactly the opposite. You can ear a “soft” click of the shot, but maybe he doesn’t shot…
    Really not cleared up…

  • Here is a link to a video I just made demoing the X-E1’s shot-to-shot performance and auto-focus in ideal conditions. I hope it can clear things up for you.


    • Thanks for creating all of these videos apw100! They’re really helpful

  • Yes, very informative videos, thanks.

  • It seems like a lot of people here have misunderstood when the “freeze” happens…. It’s NOT immediately after the shot, it’s when you half-press the shutter to lock on to focus and metering. Once you half-press the camera can’t do anything until it has focused, or mis-focused as it often does, and by that time action shooters will have lost the shot. This is well explained and covered in the other thread, a link for which has been placed in the initial posting of this thread. The delay or freeze is NOT after the shot.

  • Not a big fan of EVF/LCD image composing, but one thing that annoys me in few instances when I use EVF/LCD is how the iamge freezes for moment before shutter releases. (Not just an AF issue, as other poster noted; this happens in manual focus as well)

    The momentary black out is something from SLR days I do not miss with my OVF in both XP1 and X100. I agree that the NEX seems to \have a little better, but would not give my Fujis up for a Sony.

  • Paul, i have a X-PRO1 and with 1.X firmware had the same problem, freezing during focus, but it’s solved with Fw 2.0.

    i don’t own an X-E1 but looking at these videos i can’t see any freeze, and you can see the focus changing on the EVF just before the shoot…

  • Marco, there’s another thread here, mentioned in the original posting at the top, where this freeze is discussed. People who have the XE1 admit it is there and enough to impede any fast action photography. I suspect the videos may be using the new zoom, which may minimise the issue, but with the 18, the 35 and the 60 lenses the problem is serious enough to prevent successful street or action photography, and in the other thread owners of the XE1 admit it is a real issue. Maybe the new lenses will fix the problem, but with the current 18, 35 and 60…. especially the 60, which causes a much longer freeze, the camera does exhibit this issue.
    Here is the link to the other thread, where the issue is discussed at length:


  • Very good job and thanks for the effort.
    One thing I find very curious is the way the Histogram reacts when pointed at the brightest parts of the sky and even directly at the sun. It moves to the left and leaves almost the entire right side blank, just the opposite of what I would expect. It seems to react properly during the remaining parts of the video, but seems very disjointed when pointed at the bright spots. Any idea why?

    Thanks again for posting and sharing with us.



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