IBelux 40mm f/0.85 lens for X mount coming this summer for $1,000.


The Chinese-German partnership between Kipon and IBE Optics produced the fastest lens of any digital mirrorless system, the Ibelux 40mm f/0.85. This lens will be sold this summer for around $1,000. It will be available for all current digital mirrorless cameras and that includes of course the X-mount. Don’t know if a lens fast as this is really needed. I don’t expect a great image quality at full aperture. You will have to stop down to get a decent image. The 35mm f/1.4 Fuji lens is certainly the better deal. The German IBE is also known for their video lenses and that is likely the goal of this lens, to be a fast video lens.




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  • Some bloke

    Too close to the 35 1.4 for me. Since I own that already and it’s pretty fast and sharp wide open.

  • Adrian

    Let’s see what the AF / MF will be on the new lens, if it’s miles better than the 35 1.4 I’ll sell the 35 and get the 40.

  • kuishinbou

    Defeats the purpose of getting a small camera – the lens looks silly on the Sony. If you don’t mind that size, should just get a full frame DSLR as the depth of field will be similar at f/1.4 on ff…

    • Adrian

      Yeah, I totally get your comment- if you want small DOF go FF, if yu want fast AF go DSLR, if you want resolution go DSLR, if you want dynamic range go medium format, if you want really small size go bridge or compact…

      Wait, why did I buy a Fuji x Pro 1 again? Because I want an optimum combination of ALL of the above. Right? ALL.

      On a separate note, FF means less apparent DOF, but not really less DOF. Just to make sure we’re clear on this. DOF depends on the focal length, aperture and distance to subject… and that’s kind of it. Size of the senzor is not really that relevant…

      • shinnn

        i totally agree with you guys, said the same thing on mirrorlessrumors before but it seems like some ppl don’t really like my opinion XD

    • Phil

      Very true mate. I`m enjoying the size factor of the X-E1 + kit lens compared to my Canon 5D + 24-105.
      I take my Fuji everywhere I go,but I did not take my Canon.

  • fred

    something is sure, you won’t go unnoticed…

    • http://www.riccimarco.com marco

      yes but A 6D+50 1.2 is easier to pack and i think smaller than this, really can’t see the interest for a big lens on a mirrorless camera..

  • hexx

    looks like a lens for tripod operation to me

  • Hong

    This lens is announce by IBE and “KIPON” not “KENKO”
    KIPON is a company from china
    specialist in lens adaptor

  • http://briansmith.com Brian Smith

    “The numbers go to o eighty-five.”
    –Nigel Tufnel

  • http://johnsmith-johnsimages.blogspot.com John Smith

    Let’s see…X-Pro1, 6400 ISO, this lens…no matter what the lens quality is, and I imagine it to be better than average, night has been conquered!

  • Nick Lyle

    II am a lot more excited by the rumor of a fast (f1.4) Fuji 16mm lens. A wide lens that works as well in low light as the XF 35mm would be a ton of fun.