Hot news! Samyang will launch some lens for the X system in June!!!


Finally some rumors for us! Samyang will release the first lens for the Fuji X system in June!!! There is no info about the lens specs yet but I like the manual focusing Samyang lenses a lot! usually they have a very high image quality and a very low price. Samyang already makes lenses for the Sony NEX and Micro Four Thirds system. The image on top shows the 7.5mm fisheye for m43. Don’t know if that is one of the lenses they will offer for the X system or if the coming lenses will have a complete new design. Let’s see…June is no far away!


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  • Kylberg

    Just hopes it’s NOT a fish-eye lens! A fish-eye is a lens that creates curiosity, you buy it, test it, put it on the shelf. And there it stays…….
    Samyang lenses have good performance but they tend to be a bit big and a bit heavy. Price/performance is great and this is a welcome addition to the system.

  • http://evgeniykorol.com.com Evgeniy Korol

    Interestingly, it is good to see the test pictures, what it looks like

  • Markdphotoguy

    Hopefully a small 23mm f/2.0 at low cost but high IQ, to tide us over until Fuji releases their 23mm in 2013.

  • http://www.intellectualpropertyusd.com Jean-Michel

    That’s a good news, of course. Yes fisheye lens creates curiosity, that’s why it’s usually useless to pay a high price for it. Samyang makes high quality for low cost lenses. That’s a good addition.

  • Stuart

    I personally am a Fisheye fan. I used one on my 5D Mark II which I sold for the X Pro1, so it would be nice to have a nice compact 8mm f/2,8 (or thereabouts) to use with the Fuji, not to mention the nice primes Samyang already make, and the rumoured T/S lenses.

  • http://www.nordstromproduktion.se/ Mr Hipsta

    Samyang makes only non autofocus lenses, right?

  • Ozbaz

    Great news. I have been keen to buy Samyang lenses but I have trouble sourcing them as they use different brand names in different places and I am never sure if the model is identical to the reviewed version. I.e. is the bower 14mm really the same as the samyang 14mm reviewed in magazines or is it an earlier model or a lower quality version? I am happy to buy on the net but that means clear descriptions of the product are essential.

  • http://mfphotography.ca Mike

    How, pray tell, will we focus it accurately?