Fuji X PRO 1 firmware 2.0 released!


Watch out there X PRO 1 owners! You can finally download the new 2.0 firmware at http://www.fujifilm.com/support/digital_cameras/software/firmware/x/xpro1/index.html. Here is the list of the improvements:

1. Improvement of Auto Focus Performance
(1)Auto focusing speed has become much faster under a various shooting condition such as dark scenes, bright scenes and so on.
(2)The shortest focusing distance without switching to macro mode has become shorter.

2.Improvement of Manual Focus Performance
(1)The speed of images coming into focus when turning the focus ring has become faster.
(2)When adjusting the focus with the EVF or the LCD, displaying live view with the minimum depth of field in full aperture has made it easier to focus on subjects.
(3)In addition to the focus checking with the 10-time magnification function, the checking with “3-time” magnification function has been added.

3. Improvement of Writing and Processing Speed
(1)Writing speed to a memory card has become faster with the maximum speed doubled.
The speed may vary depending on card type and sizes of images.
(2)The waiting time of viewing image after shooting has become shorter.
(3)An image will be displayed approx. one second after pressing the playback button.

4.Other improvements
(1)The ISO setting of “Auto (6400)” has been added.
(2)When EVF or OVF is used, the indicator lamp will turn off because the lamp comes to just in front of your right eye if you see the finder with your left eye.
(3)When shooting in low light situation, a recorded image will look like more natural atmosphere you saw.


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  • ZZ

    No more love for the X100? :(

  • http://www.tlphoto.co.nz marcus

    All I can get from that link is 1.11!!

  • Ben

    Yeah! Downloading it now!

  • Craig

    Good update. There’s bound to be more things I notice but from my limited time using it, the main points for me are as follows:


    1. Little or no EVF freeze when auto focusing – big win

    2. Aperture chatter reduced, although not totally unfortunately. Could still do some work here

    3. Improved MF feel but they could further reduce the throw IMO

    4. Like the auto-ISO 6400

    5. LOVE the 3x magnification


    1. Not really seeing that much improvement in AF speed using my 35mm but not sure how much this can be improved with firmware

    2. When you press the play button to view an image it now shows for a fraction of a second, disappears and then reappears for good but even then there’s a fairly long delay before you can press a button to zoom in or delete etc. It’s a trifle annoying

    3. Fuji, why do you not keep the previous config (particularly date/time) after firmware upgrade? Pfft!!!

  • hexx

    wow, such a great day for both X and E mount cameras, Zeiss introduced 3 new lenses – all fast primes:


  • http://www.gavinmillar.com Gavin Millar

    Great update! AF and MF hugely improved. Gives the camera a new lease of life. Considered selling mine but now looking forward to getting the best out of it. Go go go!!

  • http://www.karmelslair.net karmotte

    i don’t see much improvement in focus speed either – but it seems to lock on much more often.
    big improvement is the playback image in the EVF after taking a low light picture – much more accurate to how it really looks like!
    they should still implement a menu-option to adjust the responsiveness of the manual focus, and of course the minimum shutter speed for auto iso!

    all in all a very good update – with more to come, i suspect.

  • http://www.tlphoto.co.nz marcus

    I’ve tried downloading this 14 times now in Safari and Firefox and I still keep getting v 1.11

    Anyone know why that might be?

    • http://www.couturebook.com Dave

      Sounds like your web browser is loading an old version of the site. Just hold down the “shift” key while clicking on the reload button on the browser, and it should load the latest version of that page.

      I had to do the same thing and was able to load 2.0 after that.

    • Gavin Millar

      Marcus, clear your cache and give it another go.

  • Alan

    AF speed is a lot better, there isn’t that initial pause now when starting to focus. I would say that it is now twice as quick as before…

  • Karen

    The Histogram in optical viewfinder is not working anymore!

    Someone else has teh same issue?

    • Karen

      Ok, I found the reason.
      If the Power Saving is on (as it’s by default), the histogram does not work.
      Probably it is a bug, but very little in my opinion.