Fuji to launch a lens rental service in Japan.


Fuji Japan announced a new lens rental service. You can rent all current XF lenses for a maximum of a week for 1,080 Yen. There is no word yet if in future such a service will be offered in other countries too.

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  • Mariusz Gajdzik

    I would like to see that in UK too

  • http://www.an-chan.net/ Antoine B.

    Ooohhh, this is a wonderful idea. The problem is that it’s only available at the Tokyo Service Center, which is a bit faraway… hopefully they will propose that at the Fuji Showroom too!

    By the way, Fuji Japan is also launching a cash-back campaign mostly focused on the X-M1 and X-A1 (http://fujifilm.jp/personal/digitalcamera/promotion/haru_cb_cp/index.html)

    Does it announce a replacement soon??!

  • Peter

    Only 1080 Yen for an entire week?! That can’t be true! That must be the per-day price I imagine. Even that would still be an excellent deal compared to what it costs to rent comparable Nikon lenses for example.

    • http://www.an-chan.net/ Antoine B.

      No, 1080 JPY is the starting price for 2 days / 1 night.
      So you can guess that this price might get higher depending on the model and of course on the duration (up to 8 days)

  • http://shashinkaichiban1.wordpress.com/ 写真家

    Fuji rep here in Matsuyama yesterdau said ¥1080-¥1800 per day for over night rent. But depends on wha lens and if camera is included. Rep said they plan to rent camera as well for Japanese residents. Did not know about other countries.

    Will start a roll out in injunction with Yodobashi an Bic Camera in Tokyo and Osaka. Couldn’t tell me about my Shikoku, Hokkaido or Kyushu.

    • http://www.an-chan.net/ Antoine B.

      Great news! I’d love to rent a camera and 10-24 lens for landscape photo trips from time to time.

  • Marc Sadowski

    I already rent Fuji cameras and lenses from Lens Rentals. That’s how I make up my mind about which to buy. It’s sweet. That’s just here in the states. DO other countries have similar services?

  • Tmas

    I’d rather Fujifilm first get their stock levels & distribution stable. It’s ridiculous to have to wait months for X products to ship.

    • http://www.an-chan.net/ Antoine B.

      Always the same problem when products get real popular… but you can still take a trip to Japan: no shortage here :-)

  • http://holgerferoudj.com holger feroudj

    These are the times I love living in Tokyo 😀 Great news!!!

  • http://www.an-chan.net/ Antoine B.

    And I just re-read the PR: it is even free of charge if you return the lens the same day! that’s really awesome!

  • Jesús Gallego

    This is coming to Spain as well, at least for Fuji Elite members. I jut got the email, it’ll be available on the first week of june.