Fuji Guys Review: lens review (incl. 14mm lens with sample pics)


Billy of the Fuji Guys posted his Fujinon XF lens series review on youtube. It’s a general overview and he begins with the 14mm lens, which was expected for this autumn, but B&H expected availability is for January 31 2013. He explains some specs on the 14mm lens and you can also see some example shots taken with the XF14mm lens.




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  • MJr

    No way, samples? Awesome! What a teaser.

    • MJr

      Ahh no way, manual focus with DoF and Distance scale!!

      • Peter

        Scale in feet :-(

        Note to the Fuji Guys: I’m not interested in your hands, use the zoom for crying out loud!

        • MJr

          Since last century these scales have always shown both…
          Two lines, one for feet, one for meters.
          Were you watching on a phone at 240p or what ? 😮
          I like the static overview. Zooming/focusing in video’s is annoying imo.

  • MdB

    Wow interesting the manual focus on the new 14mm! I wonder if they have given up on manual focus using fly by wire or if it is only for the 14mm? Would be amazing if the 23mm and 56mm also had this feature.

    Some questions about this though:

    1) Does the camera still show a DoF scale in the EVF with the 14mm set to manual?

    2) He mentions switching to ‘fine tune’ focus, so does the manual focus section move when using AF so that it is in the correct position when switching over, or will you have to switch to manual and then turn it until you reach the same point as the camera selected at which point it ‘takes up’ and starts adjusting focus (a bit like electronic faders on a mixing desk for example).

    • MJr

      1) Good question. But i’d guess the firmware doesn’t know any better than to keep showing it, even on manual focus. To *not* show it would be a choice and effort from fuji, so what would be the point. Still useful.
      2) I’m guessing internally the numbers move along with the AF, but it’d be covered up by the focus ring. Pulling the ring grabs the internals on lockdown enabling you to move it around yourself, from wherever it ends up with AF.
      *disclaimer: i’m not fuji 😛

  • Renato S.

    Wow! Fuji is simply awesome, there is no other word for the lenses line up/ roadmap! It’s everything you would want as priorities, fax primes, pancakes and very good zoom, hats off!

    I really want a X camera, since they announced it and I saw the image samples but… yeah, there is a BUT… but I really want some manual control in video mode, nowdays I’m kind of OK without the best video quality, but I want to be able to change ISO and other setting while I’m recording. I know Fuji doesn’t have Video as a focus, but if they had the time to put a 3.5mm mic imput, why not manual controls and maybe a little bit better video?

    • Balthazar B

      Renato, sounds like you want a NEX of some kind. It’s better with video, and the Fuji is better with stills.

      • Renato S.

        NEX are not that good, they are just decent. I would go for a GH3 or something if I was really wanting a good video, but as I said, I know it’s not Fuji’s focus, but as they have been improving on each new camera, I know they will get at least the manual controls.

        This Fuji sensor is awesome in performance, but the different color filter array can make it complicated, but I think it cna deliver pretty nice video, I wish some group could hack it for video.

    • MJr

      I agree. Right now i have the X-E1 kit on top of my wishlist, but the one thing that really bothers me with it is the lack of proper video. Even purist gotta get with the times.

  • Stav

    I have X-E1 w/ 18-55 Kit at home… is it worth getting the 35mm 1.4?

    • Obvian

      Im getting the zoom lens with my X-E1 as well. I’m going to go for the 14mm before the 35 and probably won’t even bother with the 35 going by what I have heard about the zoom lens. Although the 35 sounds like it is an outstanding lens.

    • MJr

      One must have a fast (low-light and portrait) lens, so if 50mm equivalent is something you like, hell yes it’s worth it.

      • Stav

        Another option maybe the 27mm pancake for it’s size

      • Patrick

        I have the zoom and the 35mm on my XP1. The 35mm is on my camera more. It’s sharper and faster and just feels right. Sure, the 18-55 is good, but the 35 is great. I too am looking forward to the 14mm, though I’m also interested in how the 12mm Zeiss X lens will turn out this May(ish).