Focus Speed: X-E1 with 18-55 zoom lens


Take a look at this focus speed test that Marc Pilon posted on youtube. The X-E1 combined with the Fujinon XF 18-55 zoom lens focuses very fast! That’s great. Let’s hope it to be also very accurate.

You want to know more about the performance of this lens? Just read the newest review about it at photographyblog (click here).

You can preorder the new Fujinon 18-55 at AmazonUS (click here to see). B&H should begin to ship this lens at Nov. 23 (click here)


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  • MJr

    Impressive ! Doesn’t look like anything to worry about no more.

    What’s with the screen flashing, that’s quite annoying.

  • angelo cirr

    It’s the lens that make the difference
    also on xpro1

  • Ermmm

    i ve got the xpro1 and in daylight with the 35mm and vertical lines aplenty it is just as fast…

  • burgerwhich

    Fuji why can’t you be perfect? Just got my X-e1 with xf 35mm 1.4 Here is 2 new things to worry about.

    1. Aperture noise when switching from playback top shooting. click click click click. every time you switch back from playback the aperture will adjust from f16 to f1.4, quickly but loudly.

    2. Oled Evf suppose to be same as Nex-7, A77, A65 or Nex external. I have A77, Nex external, and nex-7. So I know what to expect but the X-e1 has a flickering issue. Maybe it is frame rate or something, especially noticeable pointing it at bright human lighting at night.

    Everything else is just what I wanted from Fuji, feel and color, and size. I for one did not like how big the xpro-1 was.

    Any one else actually have the camera? Can confirm these issues? Workarounds?

    • Gui

      Yes, I’m having the same issues. Would welcome hearing about workarounds. My feeling, so far, is that the XE1 isn’t necessary if, like me, you have the X100 and the XP1. It’s slower than the X100 and, size and viewfinder aside, identical in performance (i.e. image generation and speed) to the XP1. If you don’t have an XP1, a great purchase, but not necessary. The X100 is a better second body to carry than the XE1. I’m likely going to send mine back and content myself with the XP1 and the X100 until the XP2s and X200s hit.

  • Harlock

    Same test to be done with children in movement and not only with static vertical lines as usual !

  • Bogdan

    @Harock! Agree with that! Taking pictures ob kids in action was really difficult for me with the 35 and 18 mm when i had an xpro 1 in tests. Not to mention the really annoyng lag!!!! Does it still exist on xe1?