Faster, Wider, Sharper: Speed Booster for your X-series

speed booster

Just came back from work, checked my emails and saw that many readers linked me the same news (thanks guys!).

Faster, wider and sharper, and it’s no April Fool’s, as Philip Bloom says here in his review about the Speed Booster! Take a look also at www.metabones.com and take your time to read the PDF about it here… how to turn your APS-C into a Full Frame ;-). To every early adapter out there, send your first impressions to Fujirumors and tell us if it keeps what it promises.

It will be available soon for US$599 / £372 plus shipping and applicable taxes and duties.

  • Kede

    Amazing! Nikon to XF would be nice!!

    • Gaffman

      Agreed :)

  • leica?

    M to XF??

    • Zorg

      I doubt it. Unfortunately Many M mount lenses (nearly all M mount wide angles) protrude fairly deep into the camera body, there would be no space for the reduction optics between the sensor and the rear elements.

  • tOIJ2

    Because you put in the winks ( ;) ). I thought this was a joke post. Turns out it’s legit! It will be pretty awesome to use my Canon glass on my X-pro1 occasionally… even if it’s just for fun.

  • Werner

    The sample pictures are not entirely sharp – the bottle in the left picture probably isn’t because of the 1/30 exposure. And the right one doesn’t give maximum sharpness either… We need to see more examples, I guess.

  • Werner

    So the pictures show the magnification aspect, but not the aspect of sharpness.

  • SP

    Werner, check the link to Philip Blooms review for sharp images, it also includes 100% crops.

    Really interesting with full-frame DOF on APS-C with extra speed as a bonus.