dpreview hands on preview – extended version

dpreview just posted his hands on preview-update of the X-E1. They’ve added seven pages to the preview made in Sep., including studio test shots and a sample gallery. “We’ve had our hands on a production X-E1 for a few weeks now, and our first impressions are that Fujifilm’s promises aren’t idle. Autofocus is quicker and more-responsive, and the ‘feel’ of manual focus has certainly been improved. We’re not convinced it can yet match the very best of its mirrorless peers, but Fujifilm has made a step in the right direction, and that has to be applauded.

It’s a comprehensive preview. As you know, there is the interactive dynamic range comparison widget, sample images, image quality comparison and so on… just click you through the preview here at dpreview.

  • Raz

    The focus on the test shots is really poor, look how fuzzy the playing card is right in the centre of the shot.

    • MJr

      Always about that damned card … :) The card is way behind in the scene, if you look at the watch which is in front of the scene, focus is switched around with the NEX-7. So you may be right …

      But it doesn’t matter. We should compare camera’s by their operability and real-world performance. They all do fine in studio comparisons. The only way a 1% quality difference overrules anything is when comparing two of the same bodies with a different sensor, but that rarely every happens does it, and if it does, you have already made your choice.

  • J. Vogelaar

    Real live photo’s: i agree that should be the best evaluation. Only one reviewer offers a true evaluation. All centers are pretty good. Corrners set the standards. The Fujifilm lenses are the best I have ever seen! Just check this link and you will have all the info you need.


    This eleminates all the nonsense you can read on the web.